Der Hamburger Weg

HSV Foundation

Creating a better future for young people in Hamburg.

The HSV foundation 'Der Hamburger Weg' registered as a charity on the 13th August 2015 and as part of HSV, represents the understanding of the club of its duty to take on societal responsibility in Hamburg. As such, children and teenagers are at the centre of the foundation’s work. Together, we want to inspire the next generation and shape the future of Hamburg. 

The foundation’s projects, which are initiated and implemented entirely by 'Der Hamburger Weg', help to develop youngsters in Hamburg, the areas of education, social work and sport being the primary focus. Some of the permanent projects from the foundation include ‘Das Hamburger Weg Klassenzimmer’, where classes are invited to the Volksparkstadion to receive education on a specific topic, and ‘Der Hamburger Weg Weihnachtstag’, where the Christmas wishes of disadvantaged children and teenagers are fulfilled.

For us as a club, the development of youth players is of primary importance for a successful future and the same applies for Hamburg as a city. Therefore we want to inspire and motivate young people in Hamburg, impart the right values to them and make them excited to enjoy sport personally and as a team. We experience in many places, that as a club we are in a special position to implement change for the better. And that is a chance that we don’t want to miss out on.

You can see two examples of the foundation's work below.

Contact details

Die HSV-Stiftung "Der Hamburger Weg"

Sylvesterallee 7

22525 Hamburg

Tel: +4940 4155 2929