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Sale 2018/19

All ticket information regarding HSV games in the 2018/19 season can be found below

If you have any questions or would like to purchase tickets via phone please contact us on +49 40 4155-1887.

To enquire about VIP boxes please visit our website, call us on
+49 40 4155-2000 or email us at de.HSVlagardere-secom

All tickets on sale can be found here

Contact information for ticketing

Contact information for ticketing

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HSV Service Center
Sylvesterallee 7
22525 Hamburg
tel: +49 40 4155-1887 (option 1&3)
fax: +49 40 04155-2036

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Visiting the Volksparkstadion

Visiting the Volksparkstadion

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Here you can find the most important information for your visit:
Shuttle Buses / Parking Spaces / Journey
From the underground stations Stellingen and Othmarschen shuttle buses will run to the Volksparkstadion before the game and from the Volksparkstadion to the stations after the game. Usually the shuttle service starts together with the opening times of the stadium around 2 hours before kick-off.
Parking spaces are available next to the stadium for 7 € per car. Our bus parking space (15 €) is located at the Schnackenburgallee close to the A7-exit "Volkspark". More information regarding your journey to the Volksparkstadion can be found here.
Collecting Tickets On Site / Problems With Admission
If you have chosen to collect your tickets on site, you can collect them at the HSV-Ticketbox. The HSV-Ticketbox is a blue container located at the entrance North-East (Sylvesterallee). The HSV-Ticketbox opens 2.5 hours before kick-off and is also available if you have any problems regarding admission or tickets.
Ticket Upgrading
If you would like to upgrade a discounted (season) ticket, you need to pay the remaining amount between the discount and the normal price. Please upgrade your tickets before entering the stadium at the HSV-Ticketbox at the entrance North-East or at the pay booth at the entrance South-East.
Stadium Opening 1,5 Hours Before Kick-off
The Volksparkstadion opens 1,5 hours before kick-off. The HSV-Museum and the Service Center already open at 10 am.
HSV-Museum Opening On Matchday
The HSV-Museum opens at 10 am and closes with kick-off on matchday. The HSV-Museum is located at the entrance North-East. Additionally, stadium tours also run on matchdays. Information regarding the exclusive matchday tour including the price can be found here.
Food & Drinks In The Volksparkstadion And In The Fan Restaurant "Die Raute"
The catering company "Aramark" provides all guest of the Volksparkstadion with food and drinks. The booths are located inside the whole stadium and behind the West stand (König-Pilsener-Plaza). The fan restaurant "Die Raute" is located at the North stand and opens 2 hours before kick-off and is still open after the game. Self-catering is also permitted. Please note that only drinking packs until 0.2 litres are allowed to bring with you in the stadium.
Questions On Matchday 1: HSV Service Center
If you have any questions, concerns or requests, you are welcome to visit our Service Center. It opens at 10 am and is located at the entrance North-East. Additionally, you can contact the HSV Service Center via phone on +49(0)40/4155-1887.
Questions On Matchday 2: The HSV-Helfer
The HSV-Helfer (Helpers / Volunteers) are located around the stadium to help you and answer your questions. They are dressed in red jumpers and jackets, so you can identify them easily.
Free Programme "HSVlive Stadionheft"
The HSV-Helfer give out the free programme "HSVlive" at the entrances at every home game (while stock lasts). If you would like to have a look already on Friday, you can do this digitally. You can either do this with the HSV-App (iOS) / HSV-App (Android) or with the „HSVlive Stadionheft-App“ (iOS) / „HSVlive Stadionheft-App“ (Android)
Box Office On Matchday
You can buy tickets during the opening times in our fan shops (not on Sunday) or at the HSV Service Center (entrance North-East), which opens at 10 am. You can also contact us via phone on +49(0)/4155-1887 until kick-off or buy tickets in our online shop. If you buy tickets online or via phone, your tickets will be deposit at the HSV-Ticketbox at the entrance North-East, which opens 2.5 hours before kick-off. If you do not have a ticket 2.5 hours before kick-off, you are able to buy tickets at our box offices around the Volksparkstadion.
WiFi Inside The Volksparkstadion
We offer WiFi inside the A-stands of the West and East stand as well as inside the Leibniz family stand. More parts will follow during the 2017/18 season.
Visiting The Volksparkstadion With A Disibility
The entrance for disabled guests is located at the entrance South-East. Our HSV-Helfer can help you to use the wheelchair ramp. Guests with a disability card and the note "aG" or "BI" are able to park on the parking space "Yellow" (acces through Schnackenburgallee from direction A7) for free.
Visiting The Volksparkstadion With Children
Do you want to visit the Volksparkstadion with children? All information regarding children in the Volksparkstadion can be found here.
Baby Changing Room Inside The Volksparkstadion
A baby changing room is available at our fan restaurant "Die Raute". This is accessable for all guests at the entrance North-East.

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Items allowed to bring with you:
• Photo camera (for private usage)
• Seat cushion and blankets
• Drinking packs until 0.2 litres
• Fan clothes
Items disallowed to bring with you:
• Items which can be thrown (e.g. deodorant, perfume or other hard items)
• Weapons (pocket knife, etc.)
• Pyrotechnics
• Buggy
• Alcoholic drinks