Information on ticket refunds

The DFL announced on the 31st March, that there will be no football in the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga until the 30th April at the earliest due to the coronavirus epidemic.

What does the extended break mean for tickets that have already been purchased for upcoming HSV home games as well as the away game in Stuttgart?

Everybody who has bought a ticket via HSV will receive an e-mail in the coming days on how they can apply for a refund. This applies for all HSV home games that are yet to be played, as well as the away game at VfB Stuttgart.

As a club, we would like to thank the many fans who have written to us in the past weeks, and offered their financial support to the club in this testing time by not applying for a refund on their tickets. We are very thankful for the fans’ generosity in this difficult situation.

Refund process for all remaining home games (individual tickets for just one match)

We contacted everyone who has bought a ticket from us for one match on the 1st April on how they can claim a refund. Ticket holders, who didn’t receive our e-mail, or who bought tickets via external ticket providers, at one of the HSV fan shops or at the HSV Service Center, can send an e-mail to who will help you further. We will gladly forward on information to you on how you can gain a refund.

Refund process for remaining home games (season ticket holders)

We ask all season ticket holders for patience and understanding, that we will process partial refunds for season tickets once all refunds for individual tickets have been completed.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the whole situation, ticket sales have been postponed for the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us on +4940 4155 1887, send an email to or contact us via our English social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter).

Contact information for ticketing

HSV Service Center

Sylvesterallee 7

22525 Hamburg

tel: +49 40 4155-1887 (option 1&3)

fax: +49 40 04155-2036


Visiting the Volksparkstadion

Here you can find the most important information for your visit:

Your journey to the stadium

From the underground stations Stellingen and Othmarschen shuttle buses run to the Volksparkstadion before the game as well as from the Volksparkstadion back to the stations after the game. The shuttle service starts when the stadium opens, usually around 2 hours before kick-off.

Parking spaces are available next to the stadium for €7 per car. If you are travelling and using your own coach, it costs €15 to park at the Volksparkstadion, and the car park for coaches is located at the Schnackenburgallee close to the A7-exit "Volkspark". More information regarding your journey to the Volksparkstadion can be found here.

Collecting tickets at the stadium / Problems with admission

If you have chosen to collect your tickets at the stadium, you can collect them at the HSV-Ticketbox. The HSV-Ticketbox is a blue container located at the North-East entrance to the stadium on Sylvesterallee (Eingang Nord-Ost). The HSV-Ticketbox opens 2 hours before kick-off and is also available if you have any problems regarding admission or tickets.

Upgrading tickets

If you want to upgrade your child, youth or disabled ticket to a full-price ticket then please talk to the staff at the HSV Ticket Box at the North-East entrance (Eingang Nord-Ost). For a matchday ticket you simply pay the difference in price, for season tickets you pay the ticket price minus 1/17th of the cost of your season ticket.

Stadium opening times

The gates are opened at the Volksparkstadion one-and-a-half hours before kick-off. For big games or games with a large amount of public interest it is likely that the stadium will be opened two hours before kick-off.

HSV Museum opening times on matchday

The HSV Museum opens on matchdays at 10am and closes when the game kicks off. You can visit the HSV Museum via the North-East entrance (Eingang Nord-Ost). Stadium tours are also possible on matchday. Information on our exclusive matchday tours and the prices can be found here.

Food & drink at the Volksparkstadion and at the stadium restaurant "Die Raute"

The catering company 'Aramark' provide all guests at the Volksparkstadion with food and drink, which can be bought at various locations around the entire stadium. The stadium restaurant 'Die Raute' is located by the north-east entrance to the stadium (Eingang Nord-Ost), opens 2 hours before kick-off and stays open after the game. Bringing your own food and drink is permitted, but only bottles up to 0.2L are allowed, and no alcoholic beverages can be brought into the stadium with you. Alcoholic beverages can of course be bought from the many booths and sellers on the concourse.

Questions on matchday: HSV Service Centre

The HSV Service Centre will be there to answer any questions that you have about your visit to the Volksparkstadion from 10am on matchdays, either in person at the north-east corner of the stadium or via phone on +4940 4155 1887.

Questions on matchday: The HSV Helpers

The HSV Helpers can be found at all of the entrances to the stadium, and will also be happy to answer any queries that you may have. You can recognise the HSV Helpers from their red jackets.

Free Programme "HSVlive Stadionheft"

The HSV Helpers also hand out free copies of the club's programme/magazine, known as "HSVlive". You can also read the programme online here You can also find it via the HSV App HSV-App (iOS) / HSV-App (Android) or with the „HSVlive Stadionheft-App“ (iOS) / „HSVlive Stadionheft-App“ (Android)

Box Office on matchday

On matchday, you can buy tickets via the HSV hotline or at the Ticket Office at the stadium. The Ticket Office opens two hours before kick-off. Tickets can also be bought at all HSV club shops in the city centre as well as at official external sale partners.

WiFi inside the Volksparkstadion

Free Wi-Fi is available at every seat at the Volksparkstadion. To use the service, connect to the ‘HSV free Wifi’ network.

Visiting the Volksparkstadion with a disibility

The entrance for wheelchair users is at the south-east corner of the stadium. HSV helpers will be able to help you ride up any wheelchair ramps. People with severe disabilities can park in the yellow (Gelb) car park in front of the stadium, the entrance to which is from the Schnackenburgallee.

Baby changing facilities

There is a baby changing room at the stadium restaurant ‘Die Raute’. The restaurant is open to all visitors to the Volksparkstadion and can be accessed through the north-east staircase.

Items allowed to bring with you:

• camera (as long as photos only for private use)

• Seat cushion and blankets

• Bottles up to 0.2L

• e-cigarettes

• Rucksacks and bags no bigger than A4

Items you're not allowed to bring with you:

• Items which can be thrown (e.g. deodorant cans, perfume bottles or other hard items)

• Weapons (knifes, sharp objects)

• Pyrotechnics

• Buggy

• Alcoholic drinks

• Mobile phone charger


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