Club structure

Information about the structure of the club as well as the board of directors and supervisory board.

Similarly to most professional football clubs in the top three divisions in Germany, Hamburger SV e.V. was a registered association (eingetragener Verein) for the majority of its history. Whilst the footballing department of the club is its most famous, many other athletes represent HSV in various different sports, you can find out more here. During the 2014/15 season, at the club's AGM, an 87% majority of the club's members voted for the footballing department of the club to be broken off and formed into HSV Fußball AG for financial reasons.

Since then, HSV Fußball AG is a public limited company which runs and controls everything to do with the Bundesliga football team. Hamburger Sport-Verein e.V., which continues to run the other HSV sports teams and social projects, owns 76.2% of the shares in HSV Fußball AG, meaning that the club's members still have an overall majority in the running of the football club, and the club still adheres to Germany's famous '50+1' rule. HSV Fußball AG has a board of directors consisting of two people, Jonas Boldt and Thomas Wüstefeld, whilst the supervisory board has five members. You can learn more about HSV e.V. and what they do here.



The Supervisory Board of HSV Fußball AG appointed its Chairman, Dr Thomas Wüstefeld, as acting Chief Executive Officer for one year in January 2022. He will be in charge of Organisation and Infrastructure, Brand, Marketing and Sponsoring, Finance as well as Digital and IT.

Dr Thomas Wüstefeld, born on 20 December 1968 in Göttingen, has been running a family office with various corporate investments and a real estate portfolio since 2014, and is also managing partner of the globally active company sanaGroup, sanPharma GmbH, CaLeJo GmbH, MEDsan GmbH and neuraMED GmbH. 

The father of three had his first contact with HSV in his own childhood as a fan of the Red Shorts and stadium visitor. At the end of 2020, he acquired 5.11 percent of the shares in HSV Fußball AG from Kühne Holding AG with CaLeJo GmbH. Dr Thomas Wüstefeld was appointed to the club's supervisory body, where he was elected chairman of the supervisory board. During his provisional appointment to the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board mandate of the graduate engineer and doctor of economics is suspended.

Head of Sport

Jonas Boldt

Jonas Boldt has been Head of Sport at HSV since the 24th May 2019 and is responsible for the club's first team as well as the scouting department and the academy.

Boldt, born on the 19th January 1982 in Nuremberg before growing up in Heidelberg, gained an excellent reputation in German football during 16 years at Bundesliga side Bayer 04 Leverkusen. The 38-year-old got his foot in the door as an intern in the academy, slowly working his way up the club, first as a scout (from 2007), then as chief scout and assistant to sporting director Rudi Völler (from 2009) and from 2014 onwards as the youngest sporting director in the league. The job at HSV is Boldt's first at board-level and the next step up for a man who began his journey at Leverkusen without any footballing qualifications and who only played as high as the Verbandsliga (7th tier of German football) as a players.

Supervisory board

The supervisory board of HSV Fußball AG is made up of six members:

Marcell Jansen (Vorsitzender), Dr. Andreas C. Peters (Stellvertretender Vorsitzender), Markus Frömming, Michael Papenfuß, Dr. Hans-Walter Peters, Lena Schrum