Inclusion and Accessibility at HSV

In March 2009, the German federal government ratified the UN disability rights convention, making clear its intention to comprehensively include all members of society, no matter their race, sex, sexual orientation or disability. One of the aims of the convention is to enable people with disabilities to enjoy equal access to sporting events, securing their entry and experience at stadia across Germany. 

To make a visit to the Volksparkstadion as accessible as possible, we have made a commitment to inclusion as a club, for the HSV family and society as a whole, so that everyone is accepted and respected, and is able to take part in everything they would like to take part in - irrespective of disabilties or other individual features. 

The projects listed below are examples of how inclusion and accessibility is being improved and developed at HSV:

Contact details

HSV Fußball AG

Fanny Boyn

Fan Liaison Officer, Inclusion

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