Inclusion at HSV

Accessibility plan of action

A concept has been developed so that inclusion and accessibility are integrated within HSV to an even greater extent.

As part of a project, supported by the DFL’s ‘Development pool for innovative fan and football culture’, the ‘plan of action for the development and promotion of inclusion at HSV’ was created. As part of the concept, the parameters for all fans with disabilities will be gradually improved to enable a stress-free visit to the Volksparkstadion. The starting point for the conceptualisation of the plan was the observation of, and interviews with, fans with disabilities, highlighting the problems and challenges they face to do with their beloved club. The learnings were used as the foundation for a workshop with all stewards and security staff, volunteers and club employees. The plan of action was created, which can be used by all Bundesliga clubs, helping to sustainably improve accessibility at all football grounds.