HSV Partner Clubs

The importance of co-operation between academies and regional clubs has continued to grow in the past few years.

For 17 years, working with the local community has been a key principle of HSV’s youth work, the Rothosen’s academy agreeing partnerships with local clubs for the first time in early 2003. The foundation of the strategic partnership is the improvement of the footballing structures in place at the partner club, increasing its attractiveness in its regional environment. Together with the partner clubs, footballing potential within Hamburg and the surrounding area should be more clearly and systematically developed, whilst the best talents are provided with an optimal education path, both on and off the pitch. The complex and intertwined collaboration between HSV and its partner clubs with scouting events and targeted development of talent should be implemented to result in benefits for both sides.

Eichede, Lüneburg, Buxtehude, Buchholz, Leezen, Todesfelde and Nettelnburg/Allermöhe as partner clubs

HSV currently focuses on co-operation with seven regional clubs: SV Eichede, MTV Treubund Lüneburg, JFV Buxtehude, Leezener SC, SV Todesfelde, SV Nettelnburg/Allermöhe as well as Buchholzer FC, who became a partner club this summer. The collaboration is particularly focussed on strengthening the structures and concepts in place at the partner clubs at the foundation (under-11 and younger) and development stages (under-12 to under-15). Through ongoing training sessions from academy employees and visits from partner club coaches to the academy, the HSV youth concept is presented to the respective managers and a plan to implement these principles at their clubs worked on collaboratively. A Young Talents Day also takes place once a year at each of the partner clubs. The partner club is the organiser of the scouting tournament, whilst HSV is represented by scouts, managers and one of the Rothosen’s youth teams. As well as the tournament, a competitive technical parkour course is run by the HSV youth team to test the skills of their fellow youngsters. The scouts and managers watch the participating children at the tournament and invite the most talented of the bunch to a further HSV event at a later date. 


Partner club




SV Eichede 1947 e.V.

Matthias Claudius Str.

22964 Steinburg

Lars Konietzko  


Leezener Sport-Club e.V.

Hamburger Straße 7

23816 Leezen

Tim Rode  


SV Todesfelde von 1928 e.V.

Voßbarg 2

23826 Todesfelde

Thomas Steenbock  

Lower Saxony

MTV Treubund Lüneburg von 1848 e.V.

Uelzener Str. 90

21335 Lüneburg

Manfred Martens  

Lower Saxony

JFV Buxtehude

Alter Postweg 69

21614 Buxtehude

Michael Rump  

Lower Saxony

Buchholzer FC

Holzweg 8

21244 Buchholz

Klaas Jensen  


SV Nettelnburg/Allermöhe

Katendeich 14

21035 Hamburg

Gerald Grassé