Museum and stadium tours for fans with disabilities

HSV offers specially designed tours of the Volksparkstadion and the HSV Museum, accommodating the needs of fans with disabilities. You can find more details below:

For visually impaired fans

Since the 2019/20 season, HSV have offered museum and stadium tours for all blind and visually impaired fans. As well as the retelling of famous stories and anecdotes, the focus of the tour is placed on ‘feeling’. For example, shirts and boots from years gone by can be compared with current models by touch and feel as part of the tour. You have to register in advance for one of these tours, by calling +4940 4155 1550.

For fans who are hard of hearing

For fans who are deaf or hard of hearing, a sign language interpreter is available for our museum and stadium tours, who accompanies the tour guide and interprets what is being said into sign language. Please let us know in advance if you would like to take up this offer via +4940 4155 1550, so that we can organise it for your tour.

For fans suffering from dementia

We also offer museum and stadium tours specifically designed for fans suffering from dementia. In small groups of up to eight people (including guardians), you can relive shared memories and standout moments associated with the club, led by specially trained guides. Our memory box (more info here) can also be included in the tour, invoking yet more positive memories for all involved. The aim of the tour is to experience something together and talk about past and present experiences. You will need to book in advance by ringing +4940 4155 1550.

Contact details

HSV Fußball AG

Fanny Boyn

Fan Liaison Officer, Inclusion

Sylvesterallee 7

22525 Hamburg

Tel: +4940 4155 1517