Match Report


0:1 - HSV loses at Fürth

Hamburger SV narrowly lose at SpVgg Greuther Fürth on Wednesday evening after a mixed performance, which also sees them win their third match in a row 1-0. 

HSV lost their matchday 16 away game 0:1 (0:1) at SpVgg Greuther Fürth on Wednesday evening (9 November). Armindo Sieb, who had already scored the 1:0 winner for Bayern in the two most recent Fürth games, scored the goal of the day in the eighth minute of the match. After that, the Hamburg team came into the game better, but it was not enough to score more than one goal, which was disallowed for offside, against very aggressive and effective defending hosts. Especially in the second half, HSV was hardly able to make an impression and in the end had to accept a defeat that was in order.

Another early deficit ...

Tim Walter trusted the team that had won 3:1 against Regensburg three days earlier after turning a 0:1 deficit into a victory. And this quality was also in demand in Fürth, as the Rothosen did not get off to a good start against extremely gripping and highly attacking hosts and were already behind after eight minutes through Sieb's goal. Shortly before, the Hamburg goal had already rung in the box, but the VAR had cancelled out the Ache goal, but now the 0:1 deficit was clear from Hamburg's point of view. The team quickly recovered, however, and began to cope better with Fürth's pressing and created some good offensive actions. The best of these were Kittel and Glatzel with a double chance after around 20 minutes, before Glatzel was increasingly fed with crosses from the flanks by Dompé and Kittel and was also successful with a header - although according to video evidence he was a touch offside (25th). Nevertheless, these scenes made clear that HSV was now better in the game and also set the tone, whereas Fürth concentrated on defensive work and lurked for counter-attacking chances. One such chance came in the 36th minute after Hamburg lost the ball in the build-up, but Hrgota missed the big chance, so that the narrow Fürth lead remained. That was also the score at half-time, because Kittel & Co. played their way into the penalty area a few more times, but were unable to conjure up any great scoring threat.

... and justified defeat

Unfortunately, this situation did not change after the second half. In Fürth's constant rain, Hamburg were unable to impose their play, as the cloverleaf made the spaces in their own half extremely tight, did not allow anything and also caused many interruptions with many small foul plays, which destroyed any flow of the game. And on top of that, the home side showed several times how dangerous they can be on the counter-attack after winning the ball - twice the scorer Sieb had the chance to make it 2-0, but failed each time to beat the outstanding Heuer Fernandes. And so the best away team in the league went into the final phase with the narrow deficit, in which coach Walter brought on two more attackers in Bilbija and Sanne. Everything on one card - that was the motto in order to take at least one point from Bavaria, but on the deep turf of the Ronhof the Reds did not really want to succeed, especially as the net playing time kept decreasing due to the many interruptions caused by the small fouls of the hosts. There was a major interruption shortly before the end of the game, when the substituted Fürth player Tillman saw the red card after a blatant boarding against Amaechi. But even with ten men, HSV could not find the lucky punch, as they lacked the ideas, the energy and the penetrating power that would have been needed to take something countable from Fürth, who had recently regained their strength and were very unpleasant to play against.

Match Summary:

SpVgg Greuther Fürth: Linde - Griesbeck, Michalski (75. Jung), Haddadi - Asta, Christiansen, Raschl, John, Hrgota - Ache (75. Abiama), Sieb (65. Tillman)

Hamburger SV: Heuer Fernandes - Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim - Meffert (81. Sanne), Reis (73. Suhonen), Benes, Kittel (81. Bilbija) - Königsdörffer, Glatzel, Dompé (58. Amaechi)

Goals: 1:0 Sieb (8.)

Attendance: 13.500

Referee: Matthias Jöllenbeck (Freiburg)

Yellow Cards: Christiansen, Michalski, Griesbeck, Hrgota / Dompé, Kittel, Benes, Meffert, Heuer Fernandes, Amaechi

Yelow Cards: - / -

Red Cards: Tillman (87., grobes Foulspiel) / -