Match Report


0:1 - HSV loses at Holstein Kiel

HSV lost the northern duel against Holstein Kiel 0:1. Despite having the upper hand, the Red Shirts were unable to equalise Kiel's lead through Wriedt.

Hamburger SV lost the northern duel against Holstein Kiel with 0:1 (0:1) on Sunday (10 April). In the sold-out Holstein Stadium, Hamburg were the dominant team, but could not capitalise on their superiority and dominance. Kiel's early lead through Wriedt lasted until the final whistle, as the Hamburgers lacked penetrating power in the final third and were unable to take advantage of the few clear goal-scoring opportunities.

Early deficit...

HSV coach Tim Walter changed his team after the convincing 4:0 against Aue only on one position: Suhonen took over the part in midfield for the slightly injured Rohr. But the Finn and his team-mates were only allowed to play football for a few seconds, because then, unfortunately, some Hamburg supporters misbehaved and put the Holstein Stadium under such smoke that the still very young game had to be interrupted for ten minutes. After that, however, things got going - and from Hamburg's point of view, backwards. The Reds had the majority of the play, but after a loss of the ball by Jatta in the build-up, Kiel's Wriedt was able to march alone from the halfway line towards the goal and score the 1:0. This meant that HSV once again had to chase after a deficit and repeatedly ran against the Kiel wall, which the home side built from ten field players in front of their own penalty area. Nevertheless, the Hamburg team, who never let up, had a few good chances to score, but the Walter team was not lucky in the end. Thus, despite 15:2 shots on goal, they went into the break with the score 0:1.

... and too little penetrating power

After the change of ends, the picture changed for a short time, because with the restart, the Störche suddenly attacked high and put HSV under pressure early on. But soon the hosts dropped back again, stood deep and defended their own goal with all means in order to switch quickly after winning the ball and thus create pinpricks. HSV, on the other hand, tried to create chances from their superior play, but often they did not find the decisive gap. Glatzel had the best chance, but failed to score against Kiel keeper Dähne. And so, despite having 70 per cent of the ball at that time, HSV went into the final quarter of an hour with the score at 0:1, in which the home side continued to defend their goal and managed to prevent HSV from creating any more major chances, as the many ball possessions did not produce the necessary penetrating power that would have been needed to break down this Kiel bulwark and at least take a point away from the Fjord. The result was 0:1 from Hamburg's point of view, which cost them further valuable ground in the standings.

Match Summary

Holstein Kiel: Dähne - Komenda, Thesker, Lorenz, Neumann - Reese (86. Skrzybski), Sterner, Holtby (66. Arp), Mühling, Bartels (34. Ignjovski) - Wriedt (66. Pichler)

Hamburger SV: Heuer Fernandes - Vagnoman, Schonlau, Vuskovic (90. Rohr), Heyer (73. Kaufmann) - Suhonen (65. Chakvetadze), Meffert (90. Kinsombi), Reis - Kittel, Glatzel, Jatta (65. Alidou)

Goals: 1:0 Wriedt (20.)

Attendance: 15.034

Referee: Daniel Schlager (Hügelsheim)

Yellow Cards: Mühling (24.), Neumann (79.) / Reis (45.+4), Vuskovic (68.), Kaufmann (75.)

Yellow - Red Cards: - / -

Red Cards: - / -