Match Report


3:2 victory in top match against Paderborn

HSV turns the game around after falling behind against the best home team and deserves to win after goals from Glatzel, Dompé and Benes and the two goals conceded by Leipertz. 

HSV is back on track and wins the top match of matchday 14. The Reds beat SC Paderborn 3:2 (2:1) on Sunday (30 October) in the Home-Deluxe-Arena, which was sold out with 15,000 spectators. In a spectacular match, the home strong hosts got off to the better start. Robert Leipertz (3rd) put the SCP in front after just three minutes. HSV needed some time to recover from this, but then became increasingly stronger and turned the game around before the half-time whistle. First, Robert Glatzel (23rd) equalised with a header, and in injury time Jean-Luc Dompé scored with a great individual action to take the lead (45.+1). The exchange of blows continued after the change of ends: Leipertz (51st) scored again quickly for the home side to make it 2:2 (51st). But the Rothosen again had an answer in the person of Benes. The Slovakian scored after an assist from Dompé to make it 3:2 (69.). 

Shock start for HSV...

HSV coach Tim Walter had to do without his suspended captain Schonlau and several other players such as Jatta, Heyer, Leibold & Co. were missing. Instead, top scorer Glatzel had returned to 100% during the training week and joined Benes in the starting eleven. He faced the full force of Paderborn right from the kick-off, who started like fire and forced Heuer Fernandes into a first brilliant save in the second minute, when he was able to direct a Muslija shot just wide of the crossbar.

But the joy of this save was short-lived, because just one minute later Leipertz completed a Pieringer solo and drove the ball from close range under the crossbar for an early 1:0. And the home side's rocket start continued, so that Heuer Fernandes had to summon up all his skills twice more to prevent a greater deficit. But HSV didn't let the pressure get to them, fought their way back into the game bit by bit - and then struck ice-cold: Glatzel headed a Dompé cross into the net in the 23rd minute to make it 1-1, which noticeably widened Hamburg's chest again. Now it was the expected top match on equal terms, in which the Walter men even took more and more control and dominated the action at times. Benes and Glatzel, who failed to score against SCP keeper Huth, had the best opportunities to convert this into goals, which Dompé did in injury time of the first half. The Frenchman, seconds after Paderborn's Conteh had hit the crossbar after a brilliant counter-attack, fired the ball into the far corner in the best Robben manner and thus turned the game, which had started with completely different signs for HSV, around.

... but HSV turn the game around!

Unfortunately for the Hamburg team, the second half started like the first. That is to say: with a strong SCP opening phase, a wide-awake Leipertz and a quick goal against. The Paderborn double Leipertz took advantage of an unfortunate and too short defensive action by the Rothosen in the 51st minute to make it 2:2 and set everything back to square one. Thus, both teams had to sort themselves out again, which was initially to the detriment of the flow of the game.

In the coming minutes, the game was increasingly played in midfield, with only Conteh on one side and Kittel on the other creating goal-scoring chances, before HSV coach Walter sent a signal after just over an hour: right-back Mikelbrencis out, right-winger Königsdörffer in. And his team seemed to have understood. They went straight into forward gear - and how! Benes sent in Dompé, who passed the ball back to Benes in the centre and the latter scored beautifully in the 69th minute to make it 3:2 and give HSV the lead again. Glatzel almost extended the lead against the hosts who threw everything forward in the final phase, but more importantly: Glatzel & Co. worked successfully against the ball, defended their own goal well and confidently and hardly allowed a dangerous action by the best offensive team in the league in the final minutes of the Paderborn final offensive. That was strong and in the end deservedly ensured Hamburg's sixth win in the seventh away match in this real top match. 

Match Summary

SC Paderborn: Huth - Heuer (86. Tachie), Hünemeier (74. Srbeny), Rohr - M. Hoffmeier, Schallenberg, Muslija (65. Mehlem), Justvan-  Pieringer, Conteh (65. Platte), Leipertz (86. Ofori)

Hamburger SV: Heuer Fernandes - Mikelbrencis (68. Königsdörffer), Vuskovic, David, Muheim - Reis, Meffert, Benes - Kittel (78. Suhonen), Glatzel, Dompé (78. Bilbija)

Goals: 1:0 Leipertz (3.), 1:1 Glatzel (23.), 1:2 Dompé (45.+1), 2:2 Leipertz (51.), 2:3 Benes (69.)

Goals: 15.000 (ausverkauft)

Referee: Florian Badstübner (Nürnberg)

Yellow Cards: Muslija (42.), Rohr (82.) / -

Yellow-Red Cards: - / -

Red Cards: - / -

SC Paderborn

Statistik zum Spiel

Hamburger SV

























Leipert 4


7 Glatzel

Hoffmeier 3


3 Dompé

Justvan 71


82 Muheim

Rohr 67%


51% David

Justvan 7


3 Dompé