Match Report


4:3 - HSV wins crazy stadtderby

Hamburger SV won the crazy and highly emotional Stadtderby against FC St. Pauli 4:3 in the sold-out Volksparkstadion.

HSV won the Stadtderby against FC St. Pauli 4:3 (1:1) on Friday evening (21 April). In an incredible atmosphere at the sold-out Volksparkstadion, the visitors initially took the lead before HSV managed to pull away to 3:1 and 4:2 in the second half. However, it remained highly exciting until the end, as both teams delivered an almost unbelievable performance of will and FC St. Pauli came back to within 4:3 shortly before the end, but in the end HSV clinched the three points and celebrated the derby victory together with the fans in an incomparable jubilation. What a night of football!

The heated Volkspark

Tim Walter changed his team in three positions compared to the game at the Betzenberg. Benes, Suhonen and Katterbach stayed out for the time being, but Meffert, Heyer and Dompe returned to the Hamburg starting eleven, which already fired the first warning shot through Glatzel in the third minute. This was accompanied by a deafening noise, as the Volksparkstadion resembled a real witch's cauldron from kick-off, in which one could not understand one's own words.

Every successful move was cheered frenetically, as was every tackle. But the visitors were also in the game from the start, and in the twelfth minute Afolayan scored the first dangerous goal, but all in all HSV was the team that dominated the game in this early phase, playing forward again and again through the flanks, and after a quarter of an hour Kittel had the 1:0 on his foot. A loud murmur from more than 50,000 throats went through the "Tollhaus Volksparkstadion" at that moment, which collectively held its breath five minutes later when Daschner failed to hit the ball properly from five metres out, allowing Heuer Fernandes to react and keep the score at 0-0. In contrast to the 36th minute, when the HSV defence allowed itself to be completely outplayed once, so that Saliakas was able to penetrate the penalty area on the right side with a lot of running and put the ball into the short corner from a few metres away for 0:1. And this at a time when the game had actually put its wild opening phase behind it and calmed down somewhat, as both defensive lines were now acting more calmly. That was the end of it, of course, and the game became more intense again - and really, really loud. In the 44th minute, David, who had moved up, took a derby heart and welded the ball from 20 metres into the right corner of the goal, which resulted in an unparalleled jubilant canon. A real dream goal to make it 1-1, which was also the score at half-time.

... and a crazy final phase

The momentum of the equaliser was not only taken into the dressing room, but also into the second half. The Walter team came back on the pitch wide awake, immediately took command - and struck twice. A Schonlau cross sailed into and through the visitors' penalty area, where Jatta was wide awake at the back post and slammed the ball into the corner for 2-1 in the 48th minute, before Heyer followed up just four minutes later with a wonderful Reis assist and a tap-in to make it 3-1.

Now the fortress Volkspark was unstoppable, rarely had an HSV home match been louder than at this moment, when the atmosphere exceeded the boiling point. And it remained extremely hot, because FC St. Pauli was far from defeated and started to run forward. Heuer Fernandes had to save twice from Paqarada and Saliakas before Saad was set up in the 71st minute to score the 2:3. This was the beginning of the wild final phase, in which Kittel first forced the 4:2, which Medic finally scored by an own goal while trying to save what could no longer be saved from Königsdörffer, who was ready to shoot (78th). But only two minutes later the visitors scored again with Irvine's header, so that HSV went into the last minutes with a narrow 4:3 lead. In the final minutes, both teams gave everything they had, fought for every ball, every centimetre and every second, before the final whistle blew and the derby victory was celebrated in an incredible atmosphere in the Volksparkstadion. The football atmosphere on this Friday evening was unbelievable - and in the midst of it all, a close but deserved derby winner HSV.

Match Summary:

Hamburger SV: Heuer Fernandes - Heyer, David, Schonlau, Muheim - Reis, Meffert, Kittel - Jatta (60. Benes), Glatzel, Dompe (46. Königsdörffer, 90.+5 Krahn)

FC St. Pauli: Vasilj - Medic, Smith, Mets - Saliakas (89. Beifus), Irvine, Hartel, Paqarada - Aremu (59. Saad), Daschner (85. Otto), Afolayan (59. Metcalfe)

Goals: 0:1 Saliakas (36.), 1:1 David (44.), 2:1 Jatta (48.), 3:1 Heyer (52.), 3:2 Saad (71.), 4:2 Medic (ET, 78.), 4:3 Irvine (80.)

Attendance: 57.000 (ausverkauft)

Referee: Sven Jablonski (Bremen)

Yellow Cards: David, Heyer, Schonlau, Meffert / Paqarada, Afolayan, Smith

Yellow-Red Cards: - / -

Red Cards: - / -