Co-operation HSV - SIPG FC

Sporting development

One of the key aims of the co-operation between the two clubs is the sporting development of the SIPG youth academy. This constant process is fuelled by workshops and visits to the footballing facilities of both clubs in Hamburg and Shanghai.

Alongside regular analysis sessions, HSV experts in all departments of the academy are seen as points of contact for their opposite numbers in Shanghai. The ongoing development of the SIPG FC youth academy is thus backed up by the years of experience and knowhow of the HSV employees.

With a playing and training phihlosophy that aims to constantly improve the players under its tutelage, HSV has the aspiration of increasing the number of players who make it from the academy into professional football. One of the key points of the co-operation is the joint development of aims, values and education content for the various levels of the academy in Shanghai.





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