HanseMerkur changes company logo on HSV jersey for fans.

The new main and jersey partner is sending a strong signal to HSV supporters. In the coming season, there will be a black HanseMerkur logo on the jerseys of the professional teams.

From 1 July 2022, HanseMerkur will be HSV's new main and jersey partner. To kick off the partnership, the insurance group is sending a strong signal to the supporters of the Red Shorts: as an expression of recognition and close ties to the club and fans, HSV's professional teams will not be wearing the company's main colours of green and white, but rather a black HanseMerkur logo for the coming season.

Eric Bussert, Director of Sales and Marketing at HanseMerkur: "You can really always count on the HSV fans, whether away or at home. For years, and now as the new main partner, we too have been one hundred percent behind HSV and its supporters. And this determination is now available in black and white: from the coming season, HSV's professional players will be sporting a black HanseMerkur logo on their chests. We are looking forward to the new season - hand in hand with the fans and HSV."
Black on white: HanseMerkur changes the colour of the company logo for the HSV jersey. Black on white: HanseMerkur changes the colour of the corporate logo for the HSV jersey.

Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld, HSV Board Member: "With HanseMerkur, we have had a partner at our side for years that we can always rely on. That is why we are very pleased to enter the coming season together with HanseMerkur as our new main partner and to continue our chosen path there - as one HSV and this strong bond between team and fans."

HanseMerkur's logo will adorn the chest of the professionals until 2025, regardless of the league, thus purposefully expanding the exclusive partnership that has already been successfully in place for four years with a focus on the promotion of young talent and the family.

In addition to the jerseys of the professional teams, on which the company logo will be seen in black on white, the HSV junior teams and also Dino Hermann will continue to wear the corporate colours of HanseMerkur on their chests.

A video message from Eric Bussert, Board Member for Sales and Marketing at HanseMerkur, and HSV Board Member Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld is available at HSVtv.


About HanseMerkur:
With an annual turnover of 3.3 billion euros (2021), HanseMerkur is the only independent insurance group in Hamburg's financial centre. The roots of the 147-year-old personal insurer lie in health insurance, which remains the company's main line of business to this day. HanseMerkur also specialises in private supplementary protection for people with statutory health insurance and is one of the largest German providers in this segment with around 1.26 million supplementary insured (2021). Furthermore, with a premium income of 183 million euros (2021) in the travel and leisure business segment, it is one of the market-leading companies in the tourism insurance industry. Further information at