HSV Statement on DFB Investigation against Mario Vuskovic

DFB Control committee initiates proceedings against the defender - The Sports Court will decide on provisional ban in the next few days

The DFB Control Committee has informed HSV and Mario Vuskovic that it has initiated proceedings (for DFB reporting) against the defender based on the result of a training check carried out by NADA.

HSV issues the following statement in this regard: We can confirm the investigation - of which we were recently surprised - against our player Mario Vuskovic. As very few details of the state of the investigation are known to us so far, we cannot comment in more detail at this time. What we can say: We are supporting Mario Vuskovic and the responsible authorities in the investigation and are in close contact with the DFL and the DFB. We have taken Mario Vuskovic out of training and matches for the time being in order to prevent damage to him and the club. Should a new situation arise, we will communicate it as transparently as possible in consultation with the parties involved.