Bernd Hoffmann is elected deputy chairman of the supervisory board

A meeting of the supervisory board confirms the previous division of roles - the new HSV president wishes to “merge roles” and rely on sharing tasks.

This Tuesday, the HSV Fußball AG supervisory board met for the first regular meeting with the new personnel being present. Bernd Hoffmann, elected HSV e.V. president on 18th February and therefore a member of the supervisory board was elected deputy chairman of the supervisory board by his colleagues. Since his election to the role of president, he has been in close contact with the chairman of the supervisory board, Michael Krall, who sees the appointment as a productive one.

“The tasks we have are broad in nature, so I think that in a team as strong as this one, it is useful to divide the tasks we have. We should merge roles together,” explained the president. Hoffmann, as a key member of HSV Fußball AG believes the interests of the club are well represented by Michael Krall.

Krall was elected to the supervisory board at the general meeting for HSV Fußball AG on 6th February and was elected chairman of the supervisory board at the subsequent meeting. “We maintain a confidential exchange and as a team we want to live up to the expectations of our positions that we were entrusted with at the general meeting,” said Krall.