Press conference


"It will be an explosive game"

Ahead of the crucial away game to Eintracht Frankfurt, coach Christian Titz told the media about current team news, what he expects from the game and the importance of the season finale.

After last weekend’s 3-1 win against VfL Wolfsburg, up comes an equally important challenge for the Rothosen as they meet Eintracht Frankfurt this Saturday 5th May at 15:30 CEST. A win in HSV’s last away game of the season will maintain hopes of safety, with the gap to Freiburg in15th place currently being 5 points. In the press conference ahead of the match against Frankfurt, head coach Christian Titz appeared confident but also noted the how different the two sides’ seasons have been thus far, “For both teams this game is massively important. Frankfurt, same as us, need to win. They still want to qualify for the Europa League and will give everything they’ve got to get there. At eye level, it will no doubt be an explosive game,” said Titz.

In the rest of the press conference, the head coach touched on…

…team news: Papa sat training out on Wednesday as a precaution but everything with him is good now. He will be available for us on Saturday. Aaron Hunt too will be available. Fiete however will feature for the U19s.

...the current situation: In the last few weeks, the structure of the team has developed well. The team has developed because of the results. With the last two games it is clear that the team believe in themselves and the courage is there to attack the situation head on. I believe that it has been good to imagine last week’s game as our quarter final and this week’s as our semi final. We can’t forget that we are still two points behind. We need to be right there when others slip up. Now our focus is solely on our chance to fight back.

…what he expects from the upcoming game: I am expecting a similarly difficult game to the one against Hoffenheim. We are coming up against an opponent that is extremely flexible tactically and even during the game can change things up well. They stay tight in defence and almost play in a man-v-man system. In no way will we underestimate this Frankfurt side. It is no mistake that this season they are in and around the European places.

...the chances of a win on Saturday afternoon: It will depend on whether we show the necessary willingness; take the battle to Frankfurt and put them under pressure. We can’t let them play themselves into the game and we need to start playing our game from the off. The most important thing is that we bring the mentality that we have show in previous weeks on the day. That will be the deciding factor. When we do that, then we have a chance.

...the importance of the season finale: The last two games have been special in their own way. They are games that we knew we couldn’t lose, otherwise we could have done. Inside the team there is a certain tension, not one that inhibits us but because we have built ourselves a chance. Obviously it would be special for all of us to come out of the relegation places but I won’t start talking about what-ifs. I have the belief in my team that we can get there.

…the support of the fans: The support from the fans has of course been great. You can see how the boys also need that spark to come from the crowd. Their reaction puts the winds at the boys’ backs and we are pleased that so many fans will be making the trip to Frankfurt to support us. Frankfurt also have a great fan base and so we are expecting there to be a great atmosphere in the stadium. I’m really looking forward to it.