Janjicic: "I've made a serious mistake"

The midfielder was involved in a late-night car accident – Jens Todt has criticised the player and will decide on a punishment.

Vasilije Janjicic informed HSV on Thursday morning (22nd February) that he was involved in a car accident on Wednesday night on the A7 motorway as the driver of his private car under the influence of alcohol and without a valid driving licence. There is now a police investigation ongoing against the 19-year-old midfielder. In addition, he is awaiting a punishment from the club.

"We have told Vasilije very clearly that we deem his behaviour irresponsible, that we won’t tolerate it and that he will face an appropriate sanction," says Jens Todt. However, the sporting director also stresses that "we won’t be dropping Vasilije. The most important thing is that nobody was seriously injured. He’s a young man who has to learn from this mistake and take responsibility."

Janjicic says: "I've made a serious mistake and I know I have to take responsibility for my misconduct now. For now, I’d like to apologise to all involved in the accident, to my teammates and to HSV."