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Josha Vagnoman: Young and not worried about anything

At just 18 years-old, Josha Vagoman is the youngest player in the HSV squad. At the club’s winter training camp in La Manga, the Germany youth talent hopes to take his chance and impress the coaching staff.

As he went in search of finding and returning the balls that had been lost over the fences and in the brambles, it suddenly became clear again how young he actually is. At just 18 years and 37 days old, Josha Vagnoman is the youngest player in Hannes Wolf’s squad for the HSV training camp. The Germany youth international certainly know he has to carry out extra duties as the youngest player in the squad. “In my opinion, there is no room for debate. The youngest player in the squad goes and collects the balls,” he says in an interview with Apart from this extra job, Vagnoman feels that he is treated just as equally as the rest of the squad. “I know the other players are older than me and it is also normal for there to be an announcement regarding a younger player. Personally, I don’t think about my age at all. At the end of the day, I’m on the pitch with the rest of the squad.”

Good work in training pays off

It is clear to see how unagitated and calm Vagnoman is in the squad. This applies both on and off the pitch and in an interview. These qualities play to his strengths. “I always try to keep my cool. I have no reason to be nervous. Playing football, having fun and playing in my own style – these are things I am always trying to implement,” acknowledges Vagnoman. In the Hinrunde, the 18 year-old made four appearances for Rothosen including two short appearances in the final two matches before the winter break against Duisburg and Kiel. HSV head coach Hannes Wolf believed that these appearances were deserving of his efforts on the training pitch.

In the winter training camp in Spain, the full-back wants to continue to show the HSV coaching team what he can do. Vagnoman will compete with Douglas Santos and Gotoku Sakai for match time in La Manga. “I already have the ambition to make the most of whatever situation I am in. That is my aspiration,” he says confidently. The other full-backs are not only competition for a place in the team but also supporting Vagnoman. “They are my main point of contact. Sakai and Santos have given me lots of tips for what I can improve.”

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Tips from established players

Just like Sakai, Vagnoman can play on both sides of defence. He can also play further up the pitch. “I feel comfortable on both sides of defence. I have played more on the left side through the youth ranks but I can comfortably play on the right,” says Vagnoman. His physique helps him with this transition. He is quite tall at 1.86m tall, he is strong for someone his age and possesses a lot of speed. These are all of the components necessary for high potential later in his career. “I would like to show what qualities I possess to stay in the senior squad. I would like to have as much playing time as possible in the Rückrunde.” He won’t be exempt from doing extra activities such as fetching balls, but Vagnoman doesn’t care about that.