"We have to set out on the new path of HSV immediately"

Club president Bernd Hoffmann explains the release of the board members from their duties, the restructuring of his board and the upcoming challenges. The board has released Heribert Bruchhagen from his duties with immediate effect. Why?

Bernd Hoffmann: We’ve analysed the recent past intensively in order to assess the overall situation and we’ve come to the realisation that we have to set out on the new path of HSV immediately.

Do you see Heribert Bruchhagen as the main person to blame for the situation?

No, far from it. A multitude of causes and happenings over years have contributed to this situation. Heribert Bruchhagen took the main responsibility as chairman recently, which he has also said himself. It’s not an ugly break-up. Heribert Bruchhagen has stood up for our club constantly. He was and still is keen for HSV to overcome our current bad patch.

Will the remaining chances of staying up reduce due to instability caused by the decision?

For us as the board, we care about the overall wellbeing of HSV Fußball AG. We deem it necessary to develop a new strategy which will stabilise HSV in the long term and lead to better times. The board continues to be fully operational thanks to Frank Wettstein.

Who will Heribert Bruchhagen’s successor be?

I can tell you that when we’ve finished the process of finding his successor. I won’t give you a date when that will happen and I won’t name any names. We’re creating a concrete set of requirements for the job and we’re beginning an organised process to find the best candidates for HSV. We have to pay attention to previous experience and also think about the future of the club. We don’t want to find the quickest solution or the find the most famous name, but rather we want to make the right decision.

What does the list of job requirements look like for a chairman?

As a board, we don’t wish to discuss that publicly, but rather handle it internally with the highest priority. However, we will of course be paying attention to the candidates’ characters as well as their management skills. The goal has to be to find a person who can steer HSV in the right direction long-term.

Are any further measures planned?

We’re concentrating on our job to set up the board in the best possible way for HSV as a club. The senior staff are responsible for everything else – nothing has changed there.

How did the restructuring come about so quickly? Were there any disputes?

No. As a board, we had some very intense and open discussions, which allowed us to come to unanimous decisions in all areas. Considering my experience in professional football, the board unanimously asked me to lead HSV along its new path. With that said, the board has decided on an internal reshuffle with me as chairman of the supervisory board and Max-Arnold Köttgen as deputy. Furthermore, Michael Krall gives the board a further boost.