"Working with great enthusiasm"

Dietmar Beiersdorfer was in positive mood as he kindly agreed to an interview with this week. He reflected on the club’s activity in the recently-ended summer transfer window and told us how much he relishes the new season and watching the development of the team.

The 2016 summer transfer window officially closed at 6.00 CET on Wednesday (31.08.16). For HSV club boss Dietmar Beiersdorfer it was the end of what was a very intense period. The 52 year old former Bundesliga defender has been working non stop through the summer restructuring the squad. Nine men left the club, while four left on loan. The club made eight new signings – the last of which was recent Olympic gold medal winner Douglas Santos, who joined the Rothosen on the final day of the transfer window. Little sleep, masses of flying miles and endless time on the telephone has been the order of the day for Beiersdorfer. But it was all worth while and he succeeded in the restructuring process. discussed topics like (amongst others) the transfer period with Beiersdorfer who had the following to say on the topics we asked about…

… the transfer period: I am very satisfied with our signings. We have strengthened by signing good players yet to reach their pinnacle but can further develop their game. Now it is up to the players to reach their full potential in our environment. We remain true to the philosophy of using young, developing players. But you are never fully satisfied. We would have liked to have done something with the central defence positions, but apart from Emir Spahic, Johan Djourou and Cleber, in Gideon Jung we have a young man who can also play there. Gideon has developed well at the club, rising through the ranks to establish himself in the first team. We are delighted that he has agreed to stay at HSV for the next four years.

… New signing Douglas Santos: We were looking for a left back through the whole transer window, but they are thin on the ground. That is why we are delighted to have signed Douglas in order to cover that position. Brazilian left backs are attack minded and Douglas has qualities in that role. He is a very quiet and pleasant young man off the pitch and hass a very professional attitude. We must help him to settle here in Hamburg as soon as possible and make the process a simple one.

"Everyone who has played team sport knows that such a development process does not happen overnight."

… team development: It is important that the team start to roll and that there is a positive mood in the camp. We have a whole season ahead of us and setbacks like at the weekend against Ingolstadt must become extra motivation and push us on. We face the task with great enthusiasm but we are always aware that nothing happens at the flick of a switch. The team must quickly gel and create a togetherness feeling for the game. Everyone who has played team sport knows that such a development process does not happen overnight.

… goals for the new season: We are still following our goal of improving ourselves, so there is no need to name a possible finishing spot in the table. We want to make the best of the huge chance being offered to us and face our task in a positive manner.

… fight for places: In sport, especially a strong league like the Bundesliga it is important to create competition for places in the team. That is the only way that players push each other towards top performance. We sadly took our time to create it, but now it is in place and the team must learn to deal with it.