Match Report


0:1! HSV loses unluckily in Hannover

Maina scored the winning goal for the Lower Saxons (13th). There were discussions about an alleged foul on Jatta directly in front of the goal. 

HSV suffered its second defeat of the season on matchday 16. The Hamburg team lost 0:1 (0:1) at Hannover 96 on Sunday (5 December). Linton Maina scored the goal of the day in the 13th minute. Directly before the goal, a supposed penalty kick to Bakery Jatta was not whistled. In addition, a goal by Robert Glatzel was also disallowed due to an offside position (11th). After the wild opening phase, the Rothsen were constantly on the attack and created numerous chances, but Hannover defended their narrow victory with luck and commitment until the end.

HSV in double misfortune...

HSV coach Walter trusted the team that had recently won twice in a row. Only left-back Muheim was absent due to injury, and Gyamerah replaced him in the starting eleven. And they went straight on their way to claiming their third win in a row. As early as the eleventh minute, Jatta served Glatzel perfectly, who was able to finish from close range for what was supposed to be a 1-0 lead. But when everyone was already ready for the restart, the video referee annulled Hamburg's lead because Jatta had probably been offside with one foot. And the Gambian remained in focus, because only two minutes later Jatta was tackled by Muroya in the penalty area in such a way that everyone in Hamburg expected a penalty whistle. Instead, Muroya initiated the counter-attack with this action, which Maina was able to finish 14 seconds later to make it 1:0 for the hosts. What a potential for discussion this first quarter of an hour alone provided! Unfortunately, none of the decisive scenes were in favour of the Reds, who had to chase the deficit and struggled at the beginning. Hannover had experienced tailwind from the opening goal and fought for their lead, which HSV could only put in danger two or three times towards the end of the first half. In particular, Glatzel's header in the 41st minute would have deserved the equaliser, but a few centimetres were missing, so that it went into the break with the 0:1, which was highly debatable from Hamburg's point of view.

... and with 2nd defeat of the season

After the change of ends, the Rothosen managed to keep up the pressure from the last few minutes of the first half. Hanover counter-attacked even more, while HSV started and pushed hard, especially on the flanks. Alidou and especially Jatta broke through time and again and created danger. Hannover, for its part, resisted the Hamburg attacks with all its might, but one after the other they rolled and rolled towards the 96 goal. Alidou and Jatta, however, were unable to convert Hamburg's two biggest chances into an equaliser, so that the Walter team had to take more and more risks as the game progressed. This, in turn, gave the home side the opportunity to switch quickly, so that HSV keeper Johansson could not complain about a lack of work, but held his own. And so it remained until the final phase with the narrow 1:0 lead of the home side and thus extremely exciting. But as the ground became deeper and deeper and more and more slippery, HSV finally started to run, but in vain, because no ball wanted to slip through decisively. Thus, after 97 extremely intense and contested minutes, the result remained - and with it a very annoying, debatable and also unnecessary HSV defeat.

Match Summary

Hannover 96: Hansen - Muroya, Franke, Krajnc, Hult - Ondoua, Kaiser, Beier (71.Stolze), Maina (71.Ennali), Ochs (86.Frantz) - Hinterseer (90.+3Weydandt)

Hamburger SV: Johansson - Gyamerah (80.Suhonen), Vuskovic, Schonlau, Heyer - Meffert - Reis (80.Kaufmann), Kittel - Jatta, Glatzel, Alidou (71.Wintzheimer)

Goals 1:0 Maina (13.)

Attendance: 22.500

Referee Sascha Stegemann (Niederkassel)

Yellow Card - / -

Yellow- Red Cards: Hansen (89.), Stolze (90.+7) / Meffert (27.), Heyer (82.)

Red Cards - / -