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2:2 - HSV draw against Darmstadt

In a spectacular first half, Schonlau (30.) and Heyer (45.) turned the game around. Tietz (14./45.+4) secured the point for the visitors with a brace.

In the fourth matchday of the 2021/22 season, Hamburger SV drew 2-2 with SV Darmstadt 98 on Sunday (22 August). In an exciting first half, a converted foul penalty by Tietz (14th) initiated an offensive spectacle on both sides. While Schonlau (30.) and Heyer (45.) turned the game around for the home side, it was again Tietz (45.+4) who drew the game level before the break. After the second half, the game calmed down considerably. The Red shorts had more of the game, but could not take advantage of any of the few chances, so the score remained 2:2 after 90 minutes.

Goal spectacle in half one...

Compared to the 2:3 defeat in the city derby, HSV coach Tim Walter changed his starting line-up in three positions: Rohr and Suhonen, who celebrated their starting debut in League 2, as well as Heyer were preferred to Kinsombi, Reis and Gyamerah. The trio, as well as the 17,950 spectators in the sold-out Volksparkstadion under Corona conditions, experienced a spectacular first half in which the Lilies scored the first impact goal. SVD attacker Tietz took a penalty against David in the penalty area and converted it safely to make it 1:0 for the visitors (14.). The Reds were briefly disconcerted by this - Honsak (19th) allowed a careless Heyer backpass to go unpunished - but were by no means discouraged. With plenty of offensive drive, especially via Kittel and the left side of the attack, the Reds got fully into the game, but initially missed the equaliser through Glatzel (20th) and Heyer (28th). 

Captain Schonlau made up for this in the 30th minute when he headed a Kittel free-kick over the line - 1:1. The Reds even rewarded themselves for their courageous offensive play with 2-1 shortly before the break, when Heyer saw off a Meffert low shot with an impressive heel over the line. But the joy lasted only a short time. Almost immediately, Tietz's second goal was the final goal of a fast-paced first half with many duels and penalty area scenes. After Heuer Fernandes had just managed to direct a Müller long-range shot against the post, the Lilien striker dusted it off with a header (45.+4).


... and no way through in the second half  

While the first half was a wild back-and-forth affair in which both teams exchanged open blows, the Red Shorts set the tone at the beginning of the second half. However, Walter's team, who dominated the ball, could not convert their increased control of the game into a renewed lead. Suhonen, who came close following the rebound after a Meffert low shot (62nd), and Glatzel, who headed past the far post after a Jatta cross (68th), still had the best chances. 

In the 15 minutes, Hamburg were visibly trying to force the winning goal and were encouraged in their efforts by several offensive changes by their coach Tim Walter. Only the ball would not cross the line a third time against passionately defending Darmstadt. And that was the case on both sides. While HSV went "all in", the Lilies lurked on the counterattack and even had the winning goal on their feet through Berko (90.+4) and Tietz (90.+6), which would have been too much of a good thing considering the share of the game. The result was a fair division of points, which leaves HSV in 7th place after the 4th matchday.          

The Game in Short:

Hamburger SV: Heuer Fernandes - Heyer (88. Kaufmann), David, Schonlau, Leibold - Rohr (63. Kinsombi), Meffert, Suhonen (77. Reis) - Jatta, Glatzel, Kittel (77. Wintzheimer)

SV Darmstadt 98: Schuhen - Müller, P. Pfeiffer, Riedel, Holland - Honsak (57. Goller), Gjasula, Schnellhardt (86. Celic), Karic (86. Berko) - L. Pfeiffer (71. Kempe), Tietz

Goals: 0:1 Tietz (14./FE), 1:1 Schonlau (30.), 2:1 Heyer (45.), 2:2 Tietz (45.+4)

Attendance: 17.950

Referee: Sven Jablonski (Bremen)

Yellow Cards: Meffert (63.), Suhonen (75.) / Karic (34.), Gjasula (34.), Müller (44.), Riedel (84.)

Yellow - Red Cards: - / -

Red Cards: - / -


Hamburger SV

Statistics for the match

SV Darmstadt 98


Goal kicks



Possesion %



Two-on-two ratio



Pass rate














Glatzel, Jatta 4

Efforts on Goal

8 Tietz

Leibold 104

ball actions

64 Müller

Leibold 3


2 Holland, Karic