Match Report


2:3 - Bitter HSV defeat in Nordderby

HSV lost the Nordderby against Werder Bremen 2:3 despite a strong performance. Two handball penalties after var decided the game in favour of the visitors.

Hamburger SV lost 2:3 (0:1) to Werder Bremen at the Volksparkstadion on Sunday (27 February) and thus lost a home match for the first time this season. And that in a way that was as spectacular as it was bitter, because twice a subsequent video decision resulted in a Bremen handball penalty, Ducksch and Füllkrug thus scored for the visitors, and Ducksch also scored a goal from play. Meffert and Glatzel scored for HSV, and two goals by Heyer and Wintzheimer were disallowed. These facts alone demonstrate the unbelievable dynamics and drama of this northern derby, which the visitors finally won in front of 25,000 highly emotional spectators after great performances by both teams.

Tricky decisions...

Before the whistle was blown by referee Daniel Siebert, both teams posed together with a "Stop War" poster to send a joint signal. But once the whistle blew, the focus was on the game and the derby emotions - and there were plenty of them. The derby fun had not even really begun when it was already clear that this northern derby would be talked about beyond the 90 minutes. The reason? There was not one reason, but a multitude of them. And always at the centre of attention: referee Siebert and the Cologne cellar. It already started after ten minutes, when the video evidence provided for a more than questionable hand penalty, which Ducksch converted for 0:1. And the next whistle, which was worthy of discussion, was not in favour of the Rothosen, because it meant that Siebert had disallowed HSV's equaliser: Heyer had scored the supposed 1-1 in the 19th minute, but before that a three-way fight between Glatzel and Bremen's Toprak and Pavlenka had been judged by Siebert to be a Hamburg foul, about which there could be different opinions. But on this sunny Sunday afternoon it was not only about refereeing decisions, but also about a really good football match between two top teams who pressed each other hard - and of which the visitors had the clearer chances in this first half. HSV keeper Heuer Fernandes made two outstanding saves against Ducksch and Bittencourt alone, preventing what should have been a safe 0:2 and thus keeping HSV in the game.

...and high-class derby

And after the change of ends, the action continued at a brisk pace. Sporting, but also with tricky decisions. Only a few seconds after the restart, Meffert scored the eagerly awaited 1:1 equaliser, which of course had to be reviewed for several minutes, as it was an offside decision by millimetres. But Hamburg's joy over the finally given 1:1 did not last even five minutes, because then part 2 of the "handball in the HSV penalty area" odyssey followed, when Weiser's shot clattered on Jatta's arm - and Siebert again decided on penalty after video view and Füllkrug could score the 1:2 in the 51st minute. The Hamburg euphoria after the equaliser was gone, the frustration about the second penalty after video evidence was palpable. But only for a short time. Then the Reds, supported by the great energy from the stands, really got going again and scored two very good goals through Glatzel and Heyer - but the goal was scored on the other side. Ducksch took advantage of a loss of the ball in Hamburg's attacking play to make it 1:3 with a quarter of an hour to go, but even this did not discourage the Walter team. They went full steam ahead towards the Werder goal, always looking for the one chance to turn the game around. And that chance came when Glatzel scored the 2:3 goal ten minutes before the end for the Red Shorts, who were dripping with willpower. This set the stage for a wild final phase in which there were still a few heated penalty area scenes, including a Hamburg goal for offside, but not the late lucky punch for the 3:3 equaliser, which this crazy northern derby with its two strong teams and the many tricky decisions actually deserved.

Match Summary

Hamburger SV: Heuer Fernandes - Muheim (81. Wintzheimer), Schonlau, Vuskovic, Heyer (81. Vagnoman) - Kittel, Meffert, Reis (72. Kinsombi) - Alidou (46. Chakvetadze), Glatzel, Jatta

SV Werder Bremen: Pavlenka - Friedl, Toprak, Veljkovic - Jung, Schmid, Groß, Bittencourt (71. Rapp), Weiser (90. Agu) - Ducksch (83. Dinkci), Füllkrug

Goals: 0:1 Ducksch (10.), 1:1 Meffert (46.), 1:2 Füllkrug (51.), 1:3 Ducksch (76.), 2:3 Glatzel (80.)

Attendance: 25.000

Referee: Daniel Siebert

Yellow Cards: Jatta (51.), Hübner (57.), Heyer (61.) / Schmid (45.)

Yellow-Red Cards: - / -

Red Cards: - / -