Match Report


3:2 - HSV wins and reaches play-offs

Fifth win in a row: HSV won its away match at Hansa Rostock 3:2 and therefore reached the promotion matches for the Bundesliga finishing third in the table.

On Sunday (15 May), Hamburger SV won its away match of the 34th and thus last matchday with 3:2 (0:1) at F.C. Hansa Rostock. Thanks to this turned match, in which the Rothosen had fallen behind early on through Neidhard (13th), the Rothosen secure third place in the table and thus reach the relegation matches to the Bundesliga against Hertha BSC. This was made possible thanks to a strong HSV performance in the second half, in which Glatzel first headed the 1:1 equaliser (50th), before captain Schonlau was able to score the all-important 2:1, also with his head, a quarter of an hour before the end and Kaufmann put the lid on it with his fantastic 3:1 (85th). Nevertheless, after Fröde's 2:3 in injury time, there was still some trepidation, but in the end Hamburg prevailed and can now look forward to the relegation matches against Hertha BSC.

Difficult start...

HSV coach Tim Walter had to make changes to his team on the last matchday of the season after midfielder Anssi Suhonen broke his fibula in training during the week. Muheim returned to the first eleven after serving his yellow suspension and took over his regular position at left back, allowing Vagnoman to move into midfield from there. But at first, the Rothosen didn't go forward very much, instead they came under pressure at the back a few times.

After 77 seconds, Fröde hit the crossbar with his head, narrowly missing the 1:0, but after a quarter of an hour, Neidhard pushed the ball over the line from close range after a quick counter-attack. And these were not the only dicey situations in the Hamburg penalty area, where there were a few more fiery moments. HSV did not seem to be completely solid and somehow also a bit inhibited, which is why they were not able to develop a lot of penetrating power in their forward play. There were a few good passes on the part of the visitors, but most of them ended at the home side's sixteen, which is why only two dangerous attempts were made by the advanced defenders Muheim and Schonlau by the time the whistle blew. 

... and emotional victory

After the change of ends, however, HSV's attacking department got into gear much better. The attack was more effective, there was more movement on the flanks - and it was successful: Glatzel, in his 34th league match, underlined his enormous heading strength and scoring power and scored the extremely important 1:1 equaliser only five minutes after the restart. Now, of course, the Rothosen were on fire, because now it was clear: one more goal would be enough to secure the relegation place and with it the chance of making it into the Bundesliga.

So a duel developed with open sights on both sides - and with top chances on both sides. Heuer Fernandes made an outstanding save against Ingelsson, Kittel just missed the 2:1, so it went back and forth in this game, which not only lived from its suspense, but was also a gripping duel between two very offensively active teams. And in this duel, the Red shorts managed to step up their game in the decisive phase and go one better. The pressure from Hamburg grew stronger and stronger - and resulted in the important 2:1 through the captain: Schonlau did it with his head a quarter of an hour before the end and thus set the tone for victory. A victory that Walter's team had to fight hard for, especially since Rostock did not give up even after Kaufmann's 1:3 and came back to 2:3 in the final minute through Fröde. However, HSV survived the final seconds unscathed and, after a great comeback with five victories in a row, were able to celebrate their third place and the Bundesliga relegation. 

Match Summary

FC Hansa Rostock: Kolke - Rizzuto (40. Schwede), Malone, Roßbach, Neidhart (58. Meier) - Bahn, Fröde, Rhein, Ingelsson (76. Omladic) - Verhoek (76. Munsy), Sikan (58. Breier)

Hamburger SV: Heuer Fernandes - Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim - Meffert, Reis, Vagnoman (65. Alidou) - Jatta (89. David), Glatzel (89. Wintzheimer), Kittel (79. Kaufmann)

Goals: 1:0 Neidhart (13.), 1:1 Glatzel (50.), 1:2 Schonlau (75.), 1:3 Kaufmann (85.), 2:3 Fröde (90.+1)

Attendance: 26.150

Referee: Dr. Felix Brych (München)

Yellow Cards: Sikan (41.), Verhoek (65.) / Alidou (80.)

Yellow-Red Cards: - / -

Red Cards: - / -