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4:2 - HSV wins in Regensburg

HSV won their completely crazy away match at SSV Jahn Regensburg 4:2 thanks to two dream goals and an incredible final spurt including two goals from Subs.

Hamburger SV won their matchday 31 away game at SSV Jahn Regensburg 4:2 on Saturday (23 April). In front of almost 15,000 spectators in the almost sold-out Jahnstadion, HSV first had to survive a very strong opening phase by the hosts before Muheim beautifully took the Hamburg lead with a left-footed shot from 20 metres (23rd). Regensburg's Boukhalfa equalised immediately at the start of the second half (46th), but Suhonen ensured the second HSV dream goal of the day in the 66th minute with a powerful right-footed shot from 20 metres - and, it seemed, the away victory. But then, shortly before the final whistle, a rarely seen final phase developed, in which Regensburg's Albers first scored the 2:2 equaliser on a penalty kick in the 89th minute, before HSV fought back once more and furiously exploited the five-minute injury time to actually decide this completely crazy football match 4:2 in favour of HSV through the two substitute  Vagnoman and Kinsombi.

Dream goals from a distance...

HSV coach Tim Walter not only brought in two new players for the starting eleven compared to the cup semi-final, Muheim and Kaufmann, but also sent them into the race with a different system. As in the 3-0 home win against KSC, the Reds played in a 4-4-2, i.e. with a double front. However, Hamburg's offensive department was not really in focus at the beginning. Until Glatzel scored HSV's first goal after just fifteen minutes, the Walter team had hardly come out of their own half. The home side set off fireworks from the start, even attacking HSV in their own penalty area, constantly attacking and creating a series of goal-scoring opportunities. By the time Glatzel finished, SSV had 8:0 shots on goal, including a number of top-class chances, the first of which came just 23 seconds later when Heuer Fernandes had to prevent the early deficit. In the first two and a half minutes alone, Regensburg fired four times at his goal, won two corner kicks and thus ensured a start to this match that was not at all to the liking of the visitors. But HSV showed their resilience, survived the pressure phase and then struck again. And how! Muheim's 20-metre shot into the corner of the net gave HSV a surprising 1:0 lead. With this lead behind them, HSV suddenly became more relaxed and more confident, the game was now evenly balanced and they were able to calm it down considerably. And so, after a much less eventful second half of the first period, Hamburg went into halftime with this lead.

... and a crazy final phase

After the change of ends, however, this lead was quickly gone. Once again, Regensburg came out firing, putting HSV under pressure and forcing Heyer's mistake, which Heuer Fernandes was unable to correct this time. And so it was 1-1 after less than a minute of play in the second period, as Boukhalfa punished Heyer's too-short back pass at the second attempt. But once again, the Rothosen did not let the hosts' stormy opening phase get the better of them and they came back into the game and created a few good goalmouth scenes before another long-range shot provided Hamburg's second goal: Suhonen took heart from 20 metres in the 66th minute and did almost as well as Muheim before, making it 2-1 for HSV. After that, HSV was exposed to the furious attacks of Regensburg, but kept tight at the back and had the three points in sight - until the 89th minute. In the 89th minute, referee Gerach decided on a penalty kick for SSV, who scored the 2:2 equaliser through Albers. The five-minute stoppage time was heralded by this goal - and the Reds used it for a comeback, the likes of which have rarely been seen in the recent past. Instead, the Hamburg team went full throttle once again and actually managed to turn the game around. First, Vagnoman made it 3:2, and then Kinsombi added to that with a penalty kick at the final whistle, putting the icing on the cake of this crazy game and HSV's incredible show of will with his 4:2.

Match Summary

Jahn Regensburg: Meyer - Saller, Breitkreuz, Kennedy, Wekesser - Gimber (71. Yildirim), Besuschkow, Beste, Boukhalfa (80. Makridis), Shipnoski (70. Guwara) - Albers

Hamburger SV: Heuer Fernandes - Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim - Reis (55. Kittel), Meffert (79. David), Suhonen (67. Kinsombi) - Jatta (79. Vagnoman), Glatzel, Kaufmann (67. Alidou)

Goals: 0:1 Muheim (23.), 1:1 Boukhalfa (46.), 1:2 Suhonen (66.), 2:2 Albers (89.), 2:3 Vagnoman (90.), 2:4 Kinsombi (90.+6)

Attendance: 13.252

Referee:  Timo Gerach (Landau-Queichheim)

Yellow Cards: Besuschkow (26.), Gimber (38.), Saller (45.), Beste (48.) / Meffert (26.), Heyer (79.)

Yellow-Red Cards- / -

Red Cards: - / -

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