Press Conference


"Defensively stable and offensively a lot of traction".

HSV-Trainer Tim Walter sprach am Mittwoch in der Pressekonferenz über das Auswärtsspiel bei Holstein Kiel, die Besonderheiten dieser Begegnung sowie die aktuelle Verfassung seines Teams.

The matchday 8 game has a few special features in store for HSV, which you can read about here. One of them is the fact that HSV has not yet won against Holstein Kiel in four years in the second division. However, Tim Walter is less concerned with such statistics and instead prefers to look ahead - with a particular focus on his own team - as he emphasised at the press conference on Wednesday (7 September). In it, Tim Walter spoke about...

... the opponents Holstein Kiel: "Kiel are once again - apart from one outlier - playing a very stable season so far. Good work has been done there over the years, and the Kielers are not trying to do anything over the top, but are relying on a stable structure. At least that's my impression from the outside

"Statistics on paper are one thing, facts on the pitch are another"

... the current state of his team: "We're happy that things are moving forward again, because we're currently very stable defensively and have a lot of offensive drive. We are creating a lot of chances - even if we are not consistent enough yet. I think we are very well positioned in terms of the quality and breadth of the squad. 

... the fact that HSV has not yet won against Kiel in 2.Liga:Statistics on paper are one thing, facts on the pitch are another. We look forward to these close games, and we have a great greed in us to constantly improve and then also win these games.