Post Match Report


Honest words - Honest reflection

HSV lost an emotional city derby and must largely blame itself for the defeat. Head coach Tim Walter made a correspondingly critical analysis.

Explaining defeats in football is generally not an easy matter. But as HSV head coach, it is particularly difficult to classify a city derby failure, because this sporting blow really hurts for reasons of prestige alone. For the club, the fans, the coaching team and the players. Tim Walter appeared correspondingly disappointed this morning when he spoke to the media after the end of the training session. The 45-year-old reported on a "restless night with little sleep" and then went into his usual detail and clarity about the game, which his charges were unable to control for long stretches.

"The first 20 minutes we were well in it, had two breakthroughs via Bakery Jatta and have to score the goal. Then the game goes differently. What we have to chalk up to ourselves is that we lacked the courage to keep playing forward after that. In that phase we lost the ball far too easily, which shouldn't have happened to us like that," the head coach explains with a view to the first 42 minutes and then highlights the bright HSV moment before the half-time whistle: "Nevertheless, we go into the break with a good result because we played out the 1-1 strongly."

With the momentum of the equaliser, his team came out of the dressing room, dominated the game and should have been awarded a penalty in the 53rd minute: "That is a decisive scenarion, you can't hide from this. The linesman had a completely clear view of the situation, and we also have the VAR. It is undisputed that it was a penalty kick. I find it very doubtful that the referee didn't take another look at the situation," said the coach with regard to the incident between Jakov Medic and Bakery Jatta in the right corner of the penalty area, which video referee Günter Perl inexplicably ignored.

However, it is also true that after the dominant period and the penalty that was not given, HSV conceded two easy goals and therfore pushed the game out of their hands again. "That's why I also look for the mistakes with us. The penalty incident must not be used as an excuse," Walter admitted and justified his clear analysis, which was carried out today at Volkspark. The result of the review was clear - and at the same time set the course for the coming weeks and months: "I am a man of open and honest words. I believe that it is important to receive criticism, to deal with it and to learn from it. I don't exclude myself from that. We are losing as HSV and I am part of that. That's why we have to accept it as a team and find solutions. Yesterday we got a slap in the face, now we have to shake ourselves off and move on."