"It is important that the core has stayed together".

In the HSVtv interview, captain Sebastian Schonlau talks about the state of preparation, the integration of the newcomers and the declared goal for the upcoming season. 

After the shortest summer break since 2005, HSV is already in full preparation for the 2022/23 season, which couldn't come soon enough for HSV captain Sebastian Schonlau after the disappointing end to the previous season with the defeat in the relegation to the Bundesliga against Hertha BSC. The 27-year-old centre-back, who had to take a short break at the beginning of the preparation with a foot injury, is entering the new season with a great zest for action and a very clear mindset and is brimming with anticipation and self-confidence. In an HSVtv interview, the Warburg-born defender talked about... 

... the state of preparation: "We were happy to see each other again. The preparation is not quite as long this time, which certainly suits us players. Because at the end of the day, nobody likes doing the preparation. Nevertheless, we have worked well so far and had a lot of fun in the training camp. It was a good two weeks. We know what failed us in the games last year. We want to keep improving our forward play. Defensively, we also have to step it up a notch, defend more consistently and coordinate better. Everyone has to know what the others are doing. Ultimately, it's about improving the little things.

... the integration of the newcomers: My first impressions of them in terms of sport and character are very, very good. I'm glad that we got the boys and that they are with us at such an early stage. That's enormously helpful so that they can find their way around the team and quickly internalise our idea of football. But it's not just the new faces. It is equally important that the core of the team and the coaching staff have stayed together. That was not always the case here in the past years. But this way, we as HSV can go into the new season in the same constellation for the first time in a long time, so that everyone knows the idea and also knows what they have to do better. 

... the season's goal: We have clearly formulated our goal: We want to get promoted! I'm glad we did that. From the first match day, that means winning our games. That is our task. With the self-confidence, I want us to play as a team. That's what we have to radiate. It would no longer be credible if we were to play low now after having failed so narrowly in pre-season. That would not suit us. We are convinced of ourselves. We were convinced of ourselves last season. We know what we have to work on. In this sense: full speed ahead!

You can see the complete interview with HSV captain Sebastian Schonlau in the video here.