Post Match Report


Matchwinner Mentality: Sub Doyle a symbol for the HSV Way

Tommy Doyle's last minute goal made the away win in Paderborn Possible. The Englishman was a symbol of the intensive and costly way of HSV.

"When I saw Tommy Doyle get the ball, I wanted to go straight to the corner flag and cheer. We know his finishing strength from training," an overjoyed Jonas Meffert stated in the catacombs of the Benteler Arena. A few minutes earlier, HSV's away match in Paderborn ended with an emotional explosion, because the Englishman addressed by "Meffo" rewarded the enormous effort with his last-minute goal to make it 2-1. That was not always the case recently, when the Rothosen had to settle for a draw too often (three in a row before the Paderborn game) despite great investment. But the victory at the SCP, who were also playing strongly, has now written new stories that could be of elementary importance for the rest of the season.

Off the Bench

Manuel Wintzheimer with the penultimate pass, David Kinsombi with the technically demanding assist and Tommy Doyle with the outstanding finish: the last-minute winning goal in Paderborn was the joint product of three substitutes who fulfilled their joker assignment. "The fact that I was able to make a decisive impact in the final minutes, as I did in Aue, naturally makes me extremely happy personally. Of course I wish I could play even more, but that's how it is in football: when you get the chance, you have to be there, and fortunately I managed to do that today after this great preparatory work by Kinso," said a beaming Tommy Doyle after the final whistle, highlighting precisely the mentality that is essential for positive development. Patience and ambition combined are of great value to the youngest squad in the 2. Bundesliga

The Coaching Decisions

The fact that the substitutions of Kinsombi, Wintzheimer and Doyle paid off to the maximum in the 2-1 winning goal (see above) is certainly more than a side note. But beyond that, HSV head coach Tim Walter was also spot on with the starting eleven nomination of Moritz Heyer. The defensive all-rounder came into the team as a right-back and marked the early 1:0. It was already the 5th goal of the season for Heyer, who implemented the coaching team's idea of the game very well for long stretches, just like his team-mates. The attacking pressing sequences against the ball were not to the liking of the SCP, and for the side from Ostwestfalen did not find any grip at all on the wing, especially in the first half. Many breakthroughs by Faride Alidou and Bakery Jatta were the result - the match plan worked.

Team Unity

The late victory at Schalke in the opening match (3:1), the last-minute winning goal against Sandhausen (2:1), the forced equaliser in Aue (1:1) - and now the emotional explosion in Paderborn (2:1): The Rothosen have already scored many points in the closing stages this season and have demonstrated a very special spirit. In Paderborn, too, there was room for improvement in the use of chances, but beyond that, the basic virtues were consistently called upon. In the Benteler Arena, Walter's charges once again covered more kilometres than their opponents (117.6:116.4) and fired from all angles in the final third (24:13 shots on goal). The commitment is there!

The Fans

Since the start of the season, there have been gradual relaxations in terms of the stadium experience - and that definitely benefits the HSV pros. Despite occasional setbacks, the supporters of the Red Shirts are behind the team in the vast majority of phases of the game and support the young team to the best of their ability. At the 2G premiere against Fortuna Düsseldorf (16 October, 1:1), almost 40,000 spectators flocked to the Volksparkstadion; in Paderborn, far more than 1,000 HSV fans were again at the start and provided goosebumps moments, especially after the last-minute winning goal. Unconditional support can tip the scales in an extremely balanced 2.Bundesliga