New signing tests positive for Covid-19

Robert Glatzel has tested positive for Covid-19 during a recent round of testing. The striker is currently in quarantine.

After announcing the signing of Robert Glatzel on Wednesday, 23rd June, the striker has since returned a positive Covid-19 test on Friday (25th June), during a routine round of testing that took place on Thursday (24th June). Glatzel has since entered quarantine at home, under coordination with the local authorities. The striker has not had any contact with his new teammates, meaning that HSV are able to continue training as normal. “Despite the low rate of infection currently, these are still challenging times,” said sporting director Michael Mutzel. “We need to make the best of the situation and will provide support Robert to the best of our abilities. We are hoping that it will just be a mild case and are looking forward to when he will be able to join up with the team.”