Post match report


After disappointment comes another chance

The disenchanting derby will be forgotten about and the players will instead focus on putting together a better performance in Darmstadt on Friday. That is the plan from an energetic Christian Titz, who explained the team’s current situation in a press release.

When Markus Schmidt ended the derby on Sunday with the last blow of his whistle, the disappointment of the HSV players was almost palpable. Many players sank to the ground and buried their heads in their hands. Despite their efforts, the Rothosen once again scored no goals, meaning the side had to settle for one point. Especially when considering the special occasion that is the derby, it was particularly painful to see a goalless draw between the sides. This result put Titz’s protégés in the foreground, as they were very self-critical of the lack of offensive threat.
The only praise for yesterday’s game was for the HSV fans in the stadium, who, with few exceptions, left an excellent impression on the match and supported the team over the entirety of the game excellently. However, this support did not aid the team to victory, which was not possible due to the lack of creativity in the attacking third and a very compact St. Pauli defence, which allowed for only a few gaps.

In the last game before the international break (the sixth game in 21 days) HSV have a chance in Darmstadt to get three points. Head coach Christian Titz is working towards that target with all his power, which he explained in the press release on Monday.

The HSV head coach spoke in detail about…

… the disappointment after the derby: We would have liked to win the game. We are now analysing the game in great detail. In many individual and team discussions, we are looking at what we can do better in the future. For the players, the game lingers in their minds a little bit longer, but we coaches shouldn’t be disappointed for long.

… the few efforts at goal: It’s clear that I wasn’t happy with that. I am, however, realistic and know that over the course of the season, there are sometimes games where it is better not to be overly offensive in your play. At the moment it’s important that we do not lose belief and the players get stronger. After the home defeat against Regensburg we wanted to be more defensively stable – so that’s what we did. Of course on the opposite side we now need to work on going forward. I am totally convinced that our strong forwards will find their form.

… the criticism of his squad: I think it was obvious that after three winless games, there will be a media echo. However, this is not about me but instead about us and working with the team to reach our target. I do not want my energy used to discuss topics that I have no influence over. We try to keep things from the outside away from the team. I focus on the things I can do.

… good reason for a timely upswing in form: We have already demonstrated that we can play very good offensive football. That’s the reason we have won a lot of games. A few days ago we were still the league leaders. After getting two points from three games, everything that people thought was good before is now seen as bad. We do not want to sugar coat things, but we know that this team is still in development. It was clear from the beginning that we would need time to stabilise ourselves. Once we have found that stability, then we are certain that we can regularly decide games ourselves.