Daniel Thioune awarded ‘football quote of the year’

Clear statement: the German academy for football culture chose Daniel Thioune as the winner of this year’s award thanks to his passionate defence of Bakery Jatta in 2019.

The German academy for football culture is the first port of call for all of those who don’t just see football as a sport between 22 players, but the cultural and social impact of ‘the beautiful game’ as well. Every year they award the German football culture prizes, which are split into four categories. In the category ‘football quote of the year’, the award will this year be given to Daniel Thioune.

During the 2019/20 season, whilst manager of VfL Osnabrück, Thioune criticised the clubs who had appealed against the results of their games against HSV, during the accusations surrounding the identity of Bakery Jatta. His statement has now been chosen as football quote of the year 2020 as part of an online vote:

"Those who aren't able to pick up points against HSV, shouldn't try to gain an advantage at the expense of a refugee, who has done nothing to anyone, and rather look at their own mistakes. " Daniel Thioune

Thioune himself was happy about receiving the award, because it concerned an important social topic: “I’m very happy that my statement and more importantly the message behind it resonated with people. Usually I think very carefully about what I say but here I spoke freely, as a human, not as a footballer or a manager.” The manager was also grateful to receive the €5,000 prize money and will donate it to two charities close to his heart.