"Everyone in Hamburg knows what it means"

In an interview with, Rothosen right back Dennis Diekmeier discusses the mini training camp in Barsinghausen, team unity and the meaning of the impending derby at home to Werder Bremen on Saturday. 

Dennis Diekmeier is HSV’s longest-serving player. He moved to Hamburg during the summer of 2010. Since then he has made 142 appearances for the club. "Dieki", as he is lovingly known in Rothosen circles identifies with the club like nobody else and knows full well what the derby clash at the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg on Saturday means to the club and city. The defender who played for Bremen at youth level hails from Verden in the Bremen/Oldenburg region. We caught up to Dieki for a chat, during which he told us about the short training camp in Barsinghausen and of course Saturday’s crucial northern derby against bitter rivals Werder Bremen on Saturday (26.11.16, 3.30 PM). Dennis you will all be residing here at the Sporthotel Fuchsbachtal in Barsinghausen for the next couple of days. What do you think of it so far?

Dennis Diekmeier: Very good. We have the perfect facilities here to perfectly prepare for coming tasks. We have a good sport complex, nice rooms and a nice environment. I already know the place because I have been here before with youth teams. After arriving we did some light training right away with training with ball to follow in the afternoon.

A training camp at this time in the season is slightly unusual. How has the team taken to it?

Diekmeier: We have taken it positively. Many sensible measures have been recently taken regarding the team and I view the camp as a good chance to nurture team unity. We want to and must perform as a team – a unit as we just did in Hoffenheim. On that day no setbacks rocked us. It has not been easily recently with everything happening in and around the club and we badly need positive atmosphere and energy.

"It is the most brilliant game of the year and we want to win come what may!" 

You hail from the region and played for Werder Bremen at youth level. and played for Werder Bremen at youth level. What meaning does the impending derby have? 

Diekmeier: Everyone in Hamburg knows what it means. It is the most brilliant game of the year and we want to win come what may! Especially for our fans because I remember in the past what it was like to go to work on Monday morning and be able to wind the Werder fans up about the game. That is what we want.