HSV shows its support for Hamburg Pride Week

HSV is putting its full support behind Hamburg Pride Week once again, looking to set a clear example for a more tolerant and harmonious society.

Just in time for the first game of the second division campaign, HSV will be showing its colours in support of Hamburg Pride Week, looking to renew the club’s clear stance against extremism of any kind. To make this stance clear for all to see, two rainbow flags will be flying above the east stand of the Volksparkstadion during the opening game of the season against SV Darmstadt 98. The rainbow design will also be used on the four corner flags on the field of play, replacing the traditional HSV diamond for the first matchday of the season. The colours symbolise equal rights and being tolerant with one another; values that HSV would also like to stand for. “As an open-minded club with a consciously active role in society this is an event that we’re very passionate about. This stance is important for us,” said HSV chairman Bernd Hoffmann.

HSV once again makes its position clear

Hamburg Pride Week starts on Saturday 27th July with everything building up to the main event, the Christopher Street Day parade, a week later. Millions of people take part in the parade every year worldwide, campaigning for the acceptance of all sexual orientations. In Hamburg the motto for this year’s demonstration is ‘Inherently the same – for a better constitution’. 

Nicole Schaening is particularly pleased that HSV are taking part in this initiative. The season ticket holder has been coming to the Volksparkstadion ever since she was a young girl and is also a member of the gay-lesbian fan club ‘Volksparkjunxx’. In 2018 the vice-chairwoman of Hamburg Pride e.V. was leading the way in discussions with HSV and was very happy with the results: “That was a huge message for the club to send. I personally received a lot of positive feedback from people about HSV’s stance.” For the 39th edition of Hamburg Pride Week Schaening is hoping for more recognition for the issue at hand: “It’s of paramount importance to set the standard during this week.” Jens Kuzel, spokesman for Volksparkjunxx, is of a similar opinion: “Just like before there are hate comments on social media that underline how much enlightenment is needed in this area. Generally speaking, the acceptance on the topic isn’t sufficient. Therefore, it’s important that HSV takes part in the initiative. The fan clubs of other teams have registered that and value the commitment that HSV is showing.” Both activists are unanimous in their wish for a “naturalness when talking about the topic in future.”

Hamburg stands united

A variety of businesses and institutions from the Hanseatic city are throwing their weight behind Pride Week. Oliver Greve, the organiser of the ‘Hamburg shows its colours’ initiative confirms that proudly: “There are 200 parties in and around Hamburg, alongside HSV, who are giving their all for the cause. That’s an important indication of how open-minded our city is.” In this sense: HSV and the city of Hamburg are showing their colours – against extremism of any kind and being tolerant with one another.

The Volksparkjunxx fan club will be at the Christopher Street Day parade on the 3rd August and looks forward to welcoming fellow HSV fans to the demonstration. Meeting place is Lange Reihe, 20099 Hamburg at midday in the city centre.