Papadopoulos issues apology to the team

The 26-year-old central defender showed himself to be understanding and will remain an integral part of the first team squad.

Kyriakos Papadopoulos has apologised to the coach and his teammates for his conduct after the game against Hertha and a meeting was held with Bernhard Peters, Christian Titz and Thomas von Heesen to clear the air.

“We made clear that we appreciate the criticism from players, but it’s important that it’s done so internally,” explained Peters before continuing: “The coach explained to Papa what he’s expecting of him in terms of his sporting development. Papa fully accepted that and sees himself as an important part of the squad, as we do as well.”

Papadopoulos behaved in an unacceptable way after the game against Hertha, when he made comments that were detrimental towards the club, coach and his fellow players.