Voice's From the Game


"Sometimes these are the most beautiful victories".

In the sixth minute of stoppage time, HSV finally clinched a well-deserved home victory that should have been decided much earlier. The comments on the game.

The Volkspark had not seen such jubilation for a long time. The whole stadium seemed to explode on Saturday (11 November) when Moritz Heyer put the ball into the goal of SV Sandhausen in the last moments of injury time for the celebrated 2-1 victory. For a long time, it seemed as if the goal was nailed shut, only a penalty by David Kinsombi (74th) and then the aforementioned last-minute goal by Mo Heyer found their way over the goal line. What followed was pure madness in the sold-out Volksparkstadion, which literally stood on its head and sounded and felt like in almost forgotten times. A dream! The happy voices on the game.

Jonas Meffert: I am overjoyed that we finally won here at home in front of our own fans. It's just a great feeling! A big compliment to the whole team, also to all the guys on the outside who believed in us the whole time. We might have hung our heads for a moment, but then we all said to ourselves: There's still enough time. We then played the corner short in a situation where everyone was probably expecting us to hit it long. Then the ball slipped through. It was absolutely not luck, but we were so much better than the opponent and deserved to win 2-1. We were 100 per cent the deserved winners, no matter when the goals came.

"A huge compliment to the team for this morale!" Moritz Heyer

Moritz Heyer:  "It speaks a lot for us that we came back so late. We had so many chances, had to close the bag much earlier and then conceded a goal shortly before the end, which shouldn't have happened. It speaks for the character of the team to score the winning goal at the final whistle. Huge compliments to the team for their morale! Of course, I'm very happy that I was able to score another goal today.   .   
Tim Leibold:
We made it unbelievably tense today, played very badly forward when we were outnumbered and made unnecessary mistakes. On the whole, it was still a deserved victory because we created a lot of goal-scoring chances over 90 minutes. It's been a long time since we won a game in injury time. And sometimes those are the best victories, even if we should have won it much earlier.

"Well-played and hard-fought victory" Tim Walter

Tim Walter: From my point of view, it was a well-deserved victory, but it was a lucky one because the decisive goal came so late. But I give my team a big compliment for the way they played, how well they handled the ball and how they created goal-scoring chances again and again. We played our way through on the outside again and again, only the last ball has to come better, we can still improve in this decision-making. But it is worthy of all honour that this partly still very young team did not lose patience after the equaliser, which was of course unnecessary, and rewarded itself in the end. We are very happy about the well-played but hard-fought victory - and about the sensational support of the fans. It was terrific and so beautiful! That's exactly what we need, simply outstanding from the spectators, that was outstanding!

Gerhard Kleppinger: We knew what was coming. We tried to start high up the pitch and to use our opportunities, but we could hardly be dangerous ourselves. In the second half we wanted to stand deeper and tighten the spaces, but we let ourselves be pushed too far in the phase when the 0:1 happened. After that, however, we came back into the sun and actually made it 1:1 when we were still shorthanded. But when you concede 1:2 in the final minute, that is of course very demoralising, the boys are brutally disappointed. But it's clear that HSV crushed us for a long time, had much more possession and scoring chances, and is therefore the deserved winner overall.