"The offer is not feasible in this form".

In an interview with, supervisory board chairman Marcell Jansen talks about the latest developments at HSV, the current board issue and Klaus-Michael Kühne's 120-million offer. HSV has an eventful weekend behind it: a 2-0 win in Bielefeld, almost 10,000 celebrating HSV fans in the Schüco Arena and a supervisory board meeting the day before that generated maximum public interest. How did you experience the past few days?

Marcell Jansen: The past few days have been successful and constructive in terms of HSV. We have taken very good steps together. With the approval of the budget planning for the current 2022/23 season, an important foundation has been laid both for the sport and for the further tasks - especially the stadium renovation. And on the pitch, after a few teething problems, the team started the season well and played its best game of the season so far in Bielefeld. In terms of character, we have a really good team. The coach reaches out to the boys and the fans identify with this path and support the team, as they did last season.

Can you be a bit more specific about the Board of Control meeting. What made the meeting a "good meeting" for you? What came out of it

Both boards presented a joint roadmap, explaining the annual budget in a concrete and coherent way, so that we could gain clarity on how the formulated goals could be achieved economically. We unanimously approved the budget planning in the supervisory board and were also able to create room for further transfer opportunities. This is very good, because we want to support the goal of promotion this season, which was clearly formulated by the sport, in the best possible way within our financial framework. The starting situation is better than it has been for a long time. We were able to keep the team and we have selectively strengthened ourselves with new players. The transfer expenditure and further transfer opportunities speak a clear language in the Second Division. We all have to orient ourselves to this goal. We need a clear performance culture that we can bring over the finish line by the end of the season. 

What about the financing for the stadium construction measures, which are necessary for the EURO 2024, among other things?

Thomas Wüstefeld outlined clear paths and options on this topic at the supervisory board meeting, and we also agreed to this procedure. The first measures can start and the long break in autumn/winter can be used accordingly. Thomas Wüstefeld, as the responsible Executive Board member, will comment on the details.

The current situation of the Board of Directors is a recurring topic in the media. How do you view the situation, how do you assess it?

We have clearly expressed our confidence in both boards and stand behind their respective plans and objectives. Now it is important to focus on achieving these goals in sports, finances and structure. We have agreed to enter into talks during the longer break starting in November in order to see where we stand with regard to the objectives.

Last week, HSV received a 120-million offer from shareholder Klaus-Michael Kühne. What do you say to that?

The advance shows once again how much Mr Kühne remains committed to HSV and wants to see a positive development. This is exactly what all the committees and all the decision-makers want. Regarding the concrete offer in connection with Mr. Kühne's catalogue of measures, it must be said that we as the Executive Committee received a clear mandate from the membership at the time to anchor the limits for share sales in our Articles of Association. We have done that. In addition, we as the Executive Committee received the mandate at the 2021 General Meeting to evaluate the best possible legal form for HSV and to present it to the membership. We are fulfilling this mandate with all conviction, diligence and with the necessary time. Of course, this legal form must comply with the DFL's 50+1 regulation and, in particular, also ensure the interests and co-determination of our members. This means that we guarantee democratic participation, economic security and the ability to act. Against this background, we would of course like to be in close dialogue with Mr Kühne and look to the future, but the offer made to us cannot be implemented in this form. Therefore, we see it primarily as a further impulse with which we will deal.

Will you enter into a direct exchange with Mr Kühne? What do you see as the next milestones in the work of the Supervisory Board and in the development of HSV Fußball AG?

Of course I will also have a direct and personal exchange with Mr. Kühne regarding his offer, whereby I would like to emphasise that there was no break-off in communication with Mr. Kühne at any time. We have a clearly defined roadmap with "United 2025". Change processes and realignments always involve a certain amount of discussion. However, there is no alternative to this path, and it is important to maintain a constant dialogue. The Supervisory Board and all other levels must work consistently for the success of HSV. Apart from the sporting goals, the economic stabilisation and transformation are important steps that we as the Supervisory Board will accompany in the background and with full commitment. The Board of Management in the person of Jonas Boldt and Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld will be fully supported by us.

Thank you very much for the interview.