Post Match Thought's


Jonas Boldt: "That makes me worry".

The day after the unfortunate 0:1 defeat at the HDI Arena, the HSV board member spoke about the match-deciding scenes, the potential for improvement at the Rothosen and the upcoming transfer period.

It was a mixture of exasperation and aggressiveness that could be heard in Jonas Boldt's voice. One day after the unfortunate 0:1 defeat in Hannover, the HSV board member presented his view of things in a media round on the sidelines and expressed his usual strong opinions. Jonas Boldt explained to the sports journalists in attendance which decisions had caused the 39-year-old displeasure, what his interim assessment was shortly before the end of the first half of the season and what ideas he had for the winter transfer period, talking about... 

... the questionable penalty scene before the goal against:  "Of course, you have to be careful that you don't just dwell on one scene and give yourself an alibi. We still had enough time and opportunities. Nevertheless, in the meantime I have great concerns in the evaluation of individual scenes in football matches. I don't want to say that HSV is being deliberately disadvantaged, I completely reject that. However, if we enter into dialogue and it is explained that it was only a contact, a touch or a kick, then I take issue with that: No, that was a clear foul. With our offside goal, they take the time to check the scene, with the goal against, there is only a short check. In these match-deciding scenes, I miss the connection to football. The idea of football is misunderstood in these scenes. So you will always end up having to live with such decisions as an active football team. That's a problem I've been observing for weeks and months in German professional football and it makes me worry.

... the consequence in the final third: we have to improve in this area. Everyone knows that it's difficult when you have to run against a deep opponent on a difficult pitch. We only had a few chances and unfortunately we didn't take advantage of them. In addition, we were unlucky in the really well played situations. Overall, though, the attitude is right, the boys are trying hard, so it would be nice if they were rewarded more often. Now we have to tighten up and play the two games before Christmas successfully.

... the interim balance at the upcoming end of the first half of the season: You can clearly see how we want to play football. The way we play offers chances and risks, with the advantages clearly outweighing the disadvantages. We were really only susceptible to our own standard situations, rarely after the opponents had built up the game. Of course, not everything is 100 per cent stable yet, so we will need to be patient. All in all, it's nice to see that the boys are taking everything on board and that we want to make a difference. The people around us also recognise that. Everything is brutally close in the table, even though St. Pauli have a lead. 

... the transfer period in winter: The squad is good, even if you can always optimise it, of course. But we have to get away from thinking that we can bring in a saviour in the winter who will shoot us into the Bundesliga. Of course, we have to see that Tim Leibold has been badly injured, so there is always the thought of improving. It is our duty to look at the market, so we will do that.