Voice's from the Game


"We couldn't build up any more pressure in the secold half."

In a fast paced Topspiel, HSV and Holstein Kiel parted with a 1-1 draw that was a fair results. The Red Shorts were nevertheless disappointed with the course of the game and result, as the voice's from the game shows.

Despite an early 1:0 lead through a converted penalty by Sonny Kittel (12th), HSV had to settle for a point in their northern duel with Holstein Kiel on Saturday, as attacker Pichler (46th) scored immediately after the restart to make it 1-1. HSV and KSV shared the points in a 2.liga match for the fifth time in a row. For the Red Shorts, it was also the seventh draw of the season, so that immediately after the final whistle, not only the spectators in the Volksparkstadion, but also the protagonists in the mixed zone, were unhappy with the game and its result. The voices on the game.

Sebastian Schonlau: We wanted to win the game, unfortunately we didn't manage to do that. Especially in the second half, we didn't manage to play our game and therefore had fewer good chances to score. When we conceded a goal, we were too open and didn't manage to close the lines. At the end of the day, the draw is fair. We don't need to talk about the standings. We look at ourselves, don't have to pay attention to other teams and results yet, but have enough to sweep in front of our own front door.  

Moritz Heyer: We were the better team in the first half and had more chances to score the second goal. We should have made better use of them. In the second half, Kiel was the better team and had clearer chances. Nevertheless, we have to win the game. We are all not satisfied with the draw and the number of draws, but more would not have been deserved today. In one situation or another, we let ourselves be lured too often today and then let ourselves be outplayed. We had a better handle on that in the last few weeks.    

"We tried everything and gave it our all, so I can't blame my team.." Tim Walter

Tim Walter: We had two exhausting games this week and came into the game well under these circumstances. Unfortunately, we missed scoring the second goal and thus putting the lid on it early. So we got the opponent back into the game and this time the head and legs were more tired than in the previous weeks, where we were still able to build up a lot of pressure in the second half. If you always have to fight against resistance, then at some point you also lack strength - especially mentally. We tried everything and gave it our all, so I can't blame my team. 

Marcel Rapp: Beide Mannschaften haben alles auf dem Platz gelassen. So muss es in einem Derby sein. Unterm Strich ist es ein verdientes Remis, wenngleich wir in der Schlussphase einen Tick näher am Sieg waren als der HSV. In der ersten Halbzeit hat uns der HSV sehr unter Druck gesetzt, so dass wir wenig Räume hatten. Das 1:1 war wiederum sehr schön herausgespielt. Hier ist das aufgegangen, was wir uns vorgenommen hatten. Die Entwicklung der Mannschaft in den vergangenen Wochen ist sehr ordentlich. Wir kommen dem Sieg mehr und mehr näher.