"We have expressed absolute confidence in both boards".

Supervisory Board Chairman and e.V. President Marcell Jansen talks about the season analysis and the future direction of the club in an interview on 

Eight days ago, the season ended for HSV with the relegation second leg against Hertha BSC. Head coach Tim Walter's team is now in a well-deserved summer break, but the club is of course already setting its course for the future. In an interview on, the chairman of the supervisory board and e.V. president Marcell Jansen talks about the future direction of the club and the direction it will take in the coming weeks. 

The season finale is now just over a week ago. Has the disappointment about missing out on promotion subsided? What does your mood look like? 

Marcell Jansen: I was only disappointed on Monday evening after the game. The next morning I was already looking ahead. The season opener for 22/23 is practically just around the corner. Without a doubt, we will bundle up the energy and make a new start together. Under the leadership of Jonas Boldt, the team, the coaching staff and the sports director have done a really good job. Thomas Wüstefeld is constantly and strongly committed to further stabilising HSV economically and making it more efficient. 

Following the relegation, there were many headlines in public about power discussions, a bad atmosphere at the office and differences at board level. How do you and the supervisory board deal with this situation? 

As we all know, headlines are part and parcel of this business. We have to put up with that. It's a discussion in the media, as so often in Hamburg. We as the Supervisory Board can only evaluate what is discussed in the Supervisory Board meetings. Both board members have given us a completely different picture than the one portrayed in the media and have assured us that they, too, are only concerned with HSV and that personal sensitivities play no role. We are not aware of any power discussions; there were professional and constructive talks with a common understanding. 

Has the supervisory board completed its analysis of the season? And is there already a strategy for the coming season? 

The analysis has not yet been finalised, but we have identified the areas for development. The supervisory board has clearly deposited that we must continue to support the sport as well as the great approval of the fans for our chosen path. Football and society are changing, so it is important to meet the economic requirements. Clear decisions between the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board and the shareholders have led to us being able to reduce debts in recent months, even during the crisis. These specifications of the Supervisory Board and the associated structural developments are quickly forgotten. We will continue to follow this path of clear guidelines. For this reason, the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board are unanimous in their seasonal analysis: a clear optimisation of the company with the goal of stabilisation. This means giving everything for sporting success and taking the next step towards the first Bundesliga. 

Finally, a look ahead: Has the supervisory board already decided how and when the board constellation will be decided for the future? 

We have expressed absolute confidence in both boards and - as already mentioned - clearly placed our expectations. We want to continue to have hungry colleagues and an organisation at the office that will continue to put itself completely at the service of HSV in the future. That is our path: without compromise. Both board members emphasised at the most recent supervisory board meeting how well the cooperation is working. In the case of Jonas Boldt, we have also indicated that we can imagine extending the term of his contract. As you know, Thomas Wüstefeld has been seconded until the winter. Important topics have been identified. A restructuring plan is currently being worked out. As soon as this has been approved, we can discuss the next decisions. Decisive for this are the goals that have been set together.

Thank you very much for the interview.