Press Conference


"We want to offer the fans something again"

In the press conference before the home match against 1. FC Nürnberg, HSV head coach Tim Walter spoke about motivation after two wins in a row and his thoughts around his own defensive chain.

With the tailwind of two victories in a row - the last-minute home win against Sandhausen and the derby win in Bremen - the Red Shorts take on 1. FC Nürnberg on Sunday at 1.30 pm at the Volksparkstadion (click here for tickets). The club are the only unbeaten team in the league so far and will travel to Hamburg with a broad chest. "There are reasons for Nürnberg's impressive start," says HSV head coach Tim Walter. What these are and how he assesses the chances for the big traditional duel on Sunday, that and more the coach explained in the press conference on Friday..

Tim Walter spoke in detail about… 

... The Personel Situation: "To compensate for Sebastian Schonlau's absence, we have three options. We can change the system to a three-man backline, we can move Moritz Heyer from midfield into central defence or we can make a one-to-one replacement with Mario Vuskovic. The way he presented himself after a substitution in Bremen was worthy of all honour, but we must not forget that he is still very new with us, has only been learning our system for a few weeks and is still very young. But: Our squad is broad and we have these different options, which is very positive. We will see on Sunday which one we decide on in the end.

"We want to show the spectators that they can come to the stadium with joy" Tim Walter

... 1. FC Nürnberg: In Nürnberg, my very esteemed colleague Dieter Hecking has had a very good series with coach Robert Klauß. There are reasons for that: The team plays with extreme pressure and aggressiveness, they literally chase their opponents. This is completely in line with the philosophy of Robert Klaus, who comes from the RB school. At the same time, his team also has a great playful component. This is a good mixture, which is why FCN is still unbeaten this season. That will be a big challenge for us.

... The Current Situation: The mood after the emotional victory against Sandhausen and the three points in the North derby was naturally exuberant - but only for two days. From then on, the full focus was on the next game, the next opponent. Because we can't buy anything from what happened at the weekend. But the team trains with so much joy and enthusiasm that every day is fun. And if we manage to carry the euphoria from the last two games with us, then we can continue our positive development. We are really looking forward to the game, we want to offer our fans and spectators something again and show them that they can come to the stadium with joy. And of course we want the next victory.