#HSVerfürHamburg: First participant reaches donation target

The ‘Sportpub Tankstelle’ reached their donation target of €1,887 within a number of hours of the crowdfunding initiative starting. More and more businesses are taking part and being supported as the campaign gains momentum.

On Monday, HSV brought the ‘HSVer für Hamburg’ initiative to life. The aim of the campaign was to support local businesses who are missing out on an important stream of income due to the lack of live football in this corona-affected time. Restaurants, pub, shops and food and drinks stands were all able to sign up to the initiative, with HSV fans encouraged to donate to their favourite businesses to keep them afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. The aim is for the initiative to run as long as there are no live games in the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga.

Just over 24 hours after the campaign started, the first business had already reached and exceeded its crowdfunding target. ‘Sportpub Tankstelle’, a pub located in the Reeperbahn area of the city and which also has stalls near the Stellingen S-Bahn station on matchday, was able to count on 30 donations to exceed its target by over €600 (€2,492 as of Tuesday 7th April), having aimed for the symbolic target of €1,887. One incredibly generous fan made an astonishing single donation of €1,887.

Other businesses such as the fashion label ‘1887 Streetwear’ have signed up to the initiative and have already been supported by donations both small and large from various HSV fans. Nine businesses altogether can be found via the #HSVerfürHamburg hashtag, with the hope that more will sign up over the coming days and weeks. The first hours have shown that the HSV community stands together, even in difficult times such as the ones we find ourselves in now.

You can donate to all of the businesses shown on the map at the bottom of the #HSVerfürHamburg page here.